Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Toward Easter

Well at least it felt spring-like today but tomorrow and the rest of the week will be different.  However, Mr. Cotton Tail is bound and on my sofa table along with a primitive bunny and my grandson's photo.
For those of you who would want a closer look at the rug, here it is.  If interested in hooking your own it is a design by With Thy Needle and Thread, called "Mr. Cotton Tail". 

Thank goodness I'm all caught up on my binding tasks.  Yes, the last few have been small projects but still so easy for me to put those on the back burner too. 

Worked a bit more on Shadow girl's jacket for her box of ashes and when assembled will take a picture.  Just hooked one of the paw prints today so still 3 more sides to hook.

Have a great evening and hope spring is closer to you than it is to us here in Delaware.  We are several degrees below where normal is for this time of year.  Okay, maybe not today but tomorrow we will be maybe 20 degrees below normal once again.  Hey, as long as it isn't snowing (uh, we might get some of that too).  Oh well, eventually June temps will be here I'm sure.



  1. He turned out really cute. Cold and wintery here in No. Ohio too.

  2. your little bunny boy looks so cute. It looks smaller than I thought, Good for you for binding it already.

    It's raining here and that should make the snow go down some. It has a long way to go.

    I'm trying to catch a squirrel who took up residence in my soffits in the front of the house. i'm not sure if it got in the attic yet but i can hear him running all the length of the houe. My husband bought a trap but the little bugger is cleaver. He sticks his paws through the cage to eat the peanut butter.

    The people who makes the cage are stupid because the first thing I told my husband is They can stick their little paws through the small grid to steel the peanut butter without getting in the cage and it's exactly what he did.

    I put a pail on the end of the cage so if he wants to get peanut butter, he'll have to go through the opening.

    I may have to buy some tighter wire mesh to make sure he will not be able to stick his little paws through the holes. The little bugger.

    There's always something to break our peace.


  3. That is such a cute pattern. And I'm impressed you are keeping up with the binding. I will never get caught up

  4. I'm glad you shared a picture of the rug on a table so we can get a feel for the size better. I thought it was much larger than it is. So cute!

  5. Sweet Mr. Cottontail!
    Since you are all caught up with the binding, 5 rugs will be on the way to your house tomorrow :)
    Why, why, why do I let myself get so far behind???
    Hugs :)

  6. Just loved him!
    I do not know the meaning of being caught up!

  7. Just lovely! It is snowing here in Montreal, Canada today. :)


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