Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rain Rain GO Away.....

....come again ANOTHER day.  Like when all of us need it in August during a drought.  Before I show you a picture of my back wooded area thought I'd show you Mr. Cotton Tail.
As you can see the border decision was tan/gold.  Since the background is a primitive black anyway, the tan/gold border softens the piece and frames it nicely.  Yup, I like it and am a happy hooker.

Now my backyard.... I live in a low area, unfortunately.  The snow has melted and the rains began last night and then poured today.  During the rain I tried to capture the ducks which gathered and chose my spot to procreate but it was raining too hard to even see what kind of duck.  There were both Mallard pairs and Wood Ducks ~ beautiful specimens both. 

Anyway, this was my back woods yesterday when it wasn't raining. 
And a shot to the right of that area.
Just imagine what has accumulated back there since.  Yeah, the frogs singing enchanting songs to their mates and the ducks gathering is pretty.  But after this, when the heat begins to increase...... UH, guess what!  Yup, mosquito's.   I've not already warmed up here yet thinking about the future infestation.

Ben is whimpering like a baby wanting his "mommy".  He always wants to be in the same room as me and I figure if he wants to be with me SO BADLY then he will come to me in the computer room as he does frequently.

Have a good evening everyone. 



  1. Your getting the rain and we're getting a blizzard warning for tomorrow. Nice heh?

    Your bunny rug is looking great and I like the border. It tie in well with the bunny.

    I don't like mosquitoes and there's a swamp not far from our place so we'll get lots of mosquitoes too when it warm up. Don't like those little beasties and I hate their singing worst than the friggin bites.

    I didn't get much hooking done today and I've been doing some office work tonight while my husband has been playing some computer mind games. Not fair...


  2. I love the colors you are using, beautiful contrast and prim. That is a lot of water, we have been getting rain all day but at least the snow is going down.


  3. Loving the bunny. I think the gold is a good decision. Maybe the water will be gone before it is warm enough for the mosquitoes to breed.

  4. Your bunny is too cute. Half done already so what's next? Work on your son's fun rug?
    Hugs :)

  5. Love, love the tan boarder!! Peter is looking handsome. What a beautiful back yard. Wish I could see that much ground; still over a foot of snow in most parts of our yard. A few low spots melted to the gras, but the 6-10 inches failing today has taken care of that. :-/ But hubby did get a sled ride in today, so it's all good. :)


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