Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Tip and My Hooking Issue

First, for all you Irish lads and lasses, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!  My heritage is German and English but I've been known to celebrate St. Patty's Day a time or two.

Now for the tip.....I have odd pieces of linen left over from patterns I sell and immediately serge the edges so they don't unravel.  Some people buy them when I go to rug camps, some people have ordered them from me knowing I sell varying sizes of serged linens.  But most of all I look thru my stack to see what can be used for my project without having to cut into yardage.

There happened to be an almost perfect size linen with at least a 3" margin all around to hook my son's Man Cave rug....almost.  So when that happens I sew on a wide piece of cotton fabric to ensure it would stay on my frame and have the comfort of hooking up to the border line.  I use the longest stitch on the sewing machine so the cotton can be easily removed and used again.  Oh my and has the cotton been used over and over.  So try to remember there IS a remedy for having a too narrow excess linen margin. 
Now my hooking issue.  Yup, all of a sudden I've become disenchanted with my son's rug and thank goodness it isn't needed until December 25th.  When designing the piece I made up my mind NO NARROW CUTS.

HA!  I'm using #8 on the balls and that used to be my favorite wide cut but now my favorites are #8.5 and #9.  So #8 is the lowest I wanted to go for the balls, knowing the numbers would have to be somewhat smaller. 

Moving right along here at a snail's pace....the balls were to be tilted at angles to look natural and was doing okay hooking the single digit and 11 ball with #6 cut.  But THEN came the 14 which took up too much space in the allotted circle area.  The result causing the white circle being bigger than the others and is also distorting the shape of the white ends. 

Thankfully I've another 9 months to give birth to this design for my son.  Tonight it will be tucked away to give me time to think on what my action plan is ~ plus the fact my grandson will be here after school for the rest of the week and don't want to give him a view of this to ask questions and ultimately give away the secret.  He knows his grandma doesn't have a pool table and knows his dad is building a game room. 

Have a great evening everyone and tomorrow will give you an update on Mr. Cotton Tail and I WILL be ready for the next rug on my frame before he is done.

Have a great evening, enjoy your St. Patty's Day.



  1. Saundra, you are too hard on yourself. The ball is okay, I can't see the difference, at least on the computer screen, maybe my eyes are "older" than yours--lol. It is looking good and can't wait to see how you hook the beer glasses. The bunny is looking good too.

  2. How things change. I now consider an 8 cut narrow...lol! Yup, give me those 8.5s and 9s. 9.5 isn't too shabby either.
    Like Marie said, you are too hard on yourself! Rug looks great.
    Happy St. Patty's Day to you. No green beer for me. Green wine, perhaps, but not today since I have to go to work tomorrow :(
    Hugs :)

  3. They look wonderful to me, I cannot get that kind of detail in an 8 cut.


  4. If I was as critical of my work as you are of yours I would have missed years and year's of joy. I think it looks great.

  5. Saundra, I agree with the majority, you're too hard on yourself. I bet your son would not even know the difference.

    I have to shake my head when I hear you and Lauren thinking a # 8 is narrow. My favorite width is a #5, haha. #3 and 4 for details, #5 for or # 6 for general hooking. I know a wider cut gives you a thicker rug and must be more comfortable under foot.



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