Sunday, April 12, 2015

Back to the Man Cave Rug

This was on and off my frame quickly but that was the plan.  I intended for the background to be a dusty, dirty blue and luckily there was some of this and some of that which seemed close enough to work well together.  BUT.... would there be enough for the background?

Although I laid out the wool to guesstimate it was close to either not being quite enough or good calculations Saundra.  There were options of course ~ I could over dye some more wool or could mix some brighter and or darker blues in the mix. 

If I went with option one it could be that I'd end up with even more blue wool which was no better since no records were kept for this blue wool and some was purchased from Bev Conway in two other rug camps.  With option two it would mean those darker and or brighter colors would need to be swirled in with the rest of the wool.  Moving right along here.., were you wondering when I'd get to the point and show you a photo?   Did you already scroll ahead without reading just to see it?  Har har, bet some of you did.
If the picture is wiggly and can't see the drawn pattern, just double click on the photo to enlarge and it will appear normal.

I decided to 'frame' the balls using a darker blue to accent the pool balls so they don't fade away to the viewer when the yellow-gold beer appears on the scene.  I'm thinking that would guide the viewer to both beers and maybe catching the #1 ball on the way.  Nevertheless missing the entire configuration of the balls. 

Well, that plus filling space with a dark wool in case it is needed after all.  That dark wool can always be pulled out later and replaced if need be; over the years have gotten really great at reverse hooking.

For those of you who may wonder, the rug dimensions are 23 x 30 1/2.  For the balls I am using #8 strips, the numbers were narrow cut pulled from my worms and probably #5.  The background is #8.5.  Next time this goes on my frame it will be hooking the beer mugs. 

So before that happens I'll check out the worms to see what yellows I have that will work for beer.  Then will separate those into two piles to ensure equal disbursement of wool so one side doesn't look more yellow or more gold than the other.

I might need another COLOR refresher course from Bev Conway since I think it was her lesson with slides showing how the eye follows the yellow.  OMG, I've got to copy this blog and send her the link so she can correct me if I'm wrong. 

Okay, since this was pulled off my frame the Harvey's Magdalena is back on again.  Hope to make some headway on it so you aren't disappointed when I post an updated picture.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening and great to have my new follower... nice to have you here Pat. 



  1. Your cave man rug is looking great so far.

    If you got lots of yellow you can hook lots of beer and if you have just a little, then hook just a little bit of beer, haha.

    I'm really disappointed with my green as I didn't have enough and when I came to do another batch, dammed if I could find my dye notes... I have the formula OK but I can't remember how many pieces of wool to the dye ratio. Stupid me.
    I'll try again. Been hooking background.

  2. I must be slipping. I didn't inquire as to the size of your It's bigger than I thought it was. Your son will LOVE it.
    Hugs :)

  3. Cheers! It is looking good! What a great gift.

  4. I love "hearing" your thought process as you work your way through the hooking.

    Thanks for sharing and it is looking good..


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