Sunday, March 4, 2018

1909 Horse Update

Am having lots of fun hooking this pattern even tho I've had to make some changes ~ but then I'm always changing something in my rugs.  During the hooking process noticed that, among other things, the left side border on Emma Lou's pattern only had 8 blocks instead of the antique rug's 9.  The right border had 9 blocks and the top and bottom blocks had  the correct 10.  Below you can see my progress so far as well as the red lines making the left side border with 9 squares.
Remember the other day when trying to tone down red wool?  One piece in the pot was Candy Apple Stripe from Rebecca Erb.  Below is a before and after.  The photo is way washed out.  But if you look back up at the rug progress you will notice the bottom two stars were hooked with this wool BEFORE the dye job.  
The red hooked in the bottom stars is a more true example of the wool off the bolt.  Rebecca still has some in stock if you wanted to order.  So now I've two values of the same wool in my stash.

This morning I am doing more Olde Patina dying and will share the results in a future post.  Have used a lot of what I had in the Primitive Horse rug previously hooked as well as this project.

Happy Hooking everyone.



  1. The red stripes really hook up beautifully, love the textured look.


  2. Your mat looks great,,,
    Gotta do a horse,,,
    Everytime I see yours I want to,,,
    Have a pattern,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  3. Hi Saundra,
    I keep thinking about those trees in your yard and hope you are getting things taken care of!!!
    Love the rug and really love that red striped wool and how it looks in the hearts!! I like your changes, too!!
    Hope you have a good AND SAFE week!!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. I love this rug. I hooked it years ago and it is currently waiting to be repaired from spaniel damage:)


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