Friday, March 2, 2018

March Winds

Was upstairs cutting wool for my rug and heard a strange noise.  Since the winds had been horrific all day decided to come downstairs to check on things. OMG, was I surprised when looking out back.

This is what I saw from my kitchen.  Roots and trees toppled like dominoes.
Both trees were healthy and there have been hurricanes, nor'easters, etc thru here before but no damage like this.  Went outside to take pictures got really really scared as it seemed like a tornado for a few seconds so ran back inside.
The two trees have been toppled onto a third tree.  I know it knocked off a few limbs on the third but not sure with the wind if that will persuade the third tree to go down.  Also broke off part of my rail on the fence.
Lots of clean up to be done but the winds aren't over yet, will go on thru the night.  
Thankfully the trees didn't fall on the house, onto the pond or puncture the lining.
 A mangled mess of interlocking limbs of fallen trees and one standing....for now.
My son has spoken to his friends at the American Legion and I've talked to a former correctional officer I know so maybe the 'good ol boys' can hook me up with folks who want some firewood.

Think I'll have another glass of wine.

Hope you all are safe from floods, and tree damage.



  1. Oh dear, that looks like a big job, I know because my husband has been cutting down so many trees in people's yards this winter. Someone saw him cutting down a tree by the farm and soon everyone wanted their trees cut. He got lots of firewood cut from these trees.

    I'm sure you'll miss those trees this summer. I'm glad the house was spared.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. You really got hit with the wind, looks like a microburst. That is what happened at the camp that year, we woke up and the whole place looked like a tornado went through, very scary.


  3. Wow! I'm glad you are safe and your house not damaged.

  4. Glad you are safe but oh what a mess. I feel sorry for you.

  5. Yikes, saundra! Scary stuff,,,,
    Glad no damage to ur house and ur safe,,,, and power on,,,
    Crazy crazy weather, storms,, everywhere,,,
    Stay safe,,,,
    Lots of cleanup,,, be careful,,,,

  6. that is scary and very hard to clean up without someone hurting themselves as it is so tangled. But very glad it wasn't on your house.
    We didn't get much of it at all so happy about that.

  7. Goodness!!! Glad they didn’t get your house!!

  8. Argh! The joys of home ownership. So happy that your home was not damaged!

  9. How scary !!!! Thankfully you are safe ...that was a horrible storm , we had very strong winds too . Hopefully your Good Ol Boys will help clean up for you !


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