Friday, March 23, 2018

Easter Display

This is the little vignette which has been displayed on my sofa table for the last week or so.  The rabbit and carrot was made by me several years ago but after seeing Julie's (Primitive Heartstrings) think mine might undergo extra stitching to give it a new look.
The hooked mat is Mr. Cottontail, a design by Brenda Gervais of With They Needle and Thread.

Also, notice the wonderful Running Bunny applique pillow behind the hooked bunny mat which I was lucky enough to score in a 'giveaway' hosted by Julie last year ~ thanks again Julie.

As the saying goes....'when it rains it pours'.  Three days ago I began to notice extremely hot water coming out of my shower and spigots.  Called a plumber yesterday and he was able to get here this morning.  And, should be no surprise to me that I need a new water heater.  

Do you know how much water heaters are???  Expensive.  Do you know how much a plumber's labor is per hour?  Expensive.  He is still here at noon and arrived around 9:30 and don't have his bill yet but will be sitting down when I get it.

Oh, and the bulk of the trees are still in my yard.  OY!  LIke I said, "when it rains it pours".



  1. Hi Saundra,
    Love your sweet vignette and so happy to see you are still enjoying the pillow!! Thank you for your kind words, my friend!!
    So sorry you are having another big expenditure! Definitely NO FUN!!!
    Where is your Fairy Godmother when you need her??
    Hope the bill isn’t too painful!!
    Take care and go to your happy place!!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. I think you are a week ahead of Good Friday is the 30th.
    LOVE that little hooked rabbit and Julie's work is perfection, isn't it?
    Ugh on the water heater. When I moved in 19 years ago the home inspector said I probably should replace it. I'm sure I'm on borrowed time and hope I didn't just jinx myself.
    I, too, need a tree taken down. It's HUGE and still alive but has 3 huge holes in the side and is rotting. I'm afraid a big wind may do some damage. Even though it's in the front yard, the removal involves power lines.
    The joys of home ownership ~ NOT!
    I hope your bill isn't too painful.

  3. I’ve lived in both US and Canada and I like the way water heaters are handled up here. One pays a negligible amount per month to rent the heater. If it breaks or needs replacing there is no extra fee.

  4. Oh boy , it's awful to have those major expenses all at once ....your Easter display is so cute !!! Hope warm weather brings sunshine and flowers your way to cheer you up !!!

  5. That is a fun rug and display. I have similar designs in my books and old patterns.
    I hope it is not too much, that is not a fun expense to have.


  6. I love your easter display I am having quite a crowd here and I do not have one easter item out.
    So sorry about your hot water heater. We had about 4 years of replacing things here. Of course we build almost 30 years ago so everything goes at once.

  7. Ummm, how's your supply of wine? Who needs water if you have wine right? (Actually, ugh! I'm sorry for both your trees and water heater.) On a lighter note~ I like the running bunny. In real life I like them round and chubby, but with art like them 'curvy.' I don't know a better word - formed? 🤔

  8. Always something, saundra!,,
    Yikes,,, things seems to happen like that,,,
    Good job u have a good supply of wools, etc,,, that takes ur mind off things!
    Have a good weekend,
    Love ur easter display,,,
    Was going to put some stuff out,,, ( its so early this year♥♥,,,, but we have 2 kittens that are into everything,,,, at the moment,,, though may decorate a wreath hanging outside with spring colors,,,,


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