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And, The Following Year > > >

...was 2005 when I hooked Stop and Smell the Roses, a design by Karen Kahle.  This was hooked on my own using recently acquired good wool from previous classes, as is re-purposed wool and wool I dyed.  The border is from the same recipe as that in the background of Pineapples and Flowers in the previous post.
The wool recipe is called High Meadow Green and from BEAUTIFUL WOOL dye book by Laurice Heath.  I have used that same recipe numerous times over natural, wheat and textured wool which give different results, but all lovely.  

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Below is a pattern by Vermont Folk Art called Fall is Here.  The background wool I over dyed and probably from the same book.  Sadly this sold but would love to hook it again one day.  Problem is there are so many other rugs on my 'to do' list that it seems a shame to hook something else again.
The Fluted Basket is a design by Karen Kahle and was a free pattern insert in an old issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  When I saw that pattern my heart went pitter-pat.  So of course it went on linen and straight on my frame.
You can see I have finished rug edges using the whipped wool technique.  Don't have a favorite way, just depends on what the rug feels it needs.

That same year I hooked Sally Kallin's design "Harry".  Sue Hamer was my teacher that year and she wanted me to hook Harry's face in a smaller strip but held tight to my convictions.  Sue was an excellent teacher, very prepared and lots of wonderful prep for her students.  Was quite impressed with her.
The border wool on Harry was purchased from Sally, the background was a hodge podge of overdyed light wool.

Below is a cat rug I sold.  For the life of me cannot recall if this was someone's design or if I drew this myself.  The yellow background was over-dyed and ecstatic it turned out exactly as I'd hoped because sometimes dye jobs didn't.  Oh, this photo was taken on my deck and is also washed out.  
This was a FUN rug to hook ~ a design by Tonya Robey when she had Mad Hen.  How fun and funky is this??  Of course I used Tonya's over dyed wool to hook this and give it 'her' look.  MISS YOU TONYA.
The rug below was hooked in a class with Liz Morino and an antique adaptation.  When telling Liz my plans were to make it look like the original she sat on the floor and helped draw lines in the body for the directional hooking.
That is yet another rug I wish was still in my possession but it too was sold when still doing shows and going thru an unwanted divorce.

So there ya have it albeit all the small purses, small mats and dolls being made during that time.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!!
Stay safe.



  1. Love all ur mats,, saundra!!
    Wow,,, you have done alot of beautys!
    You are amazjng,,,,
    The karen kahle pattern, I did, is still one if my favorites,,,, take care,
    Thanks for sharing ur rugs and story,,,

  2. Love all your rugs too .....beautiful colors !!!

  3. So many great rugs! I've never seen the Tonya rug before! What fun! LOVE the antique roosters.

  4. I hooked the crow rugs and boy oh boy is it different when I get my computer back I will show you.


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