Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What Went Wrong?

The results of this Olde Patina dye project didn't turn out as well as the previous projects and not sure what went wrong.  Did I use the wrong end of the dye spoon and use less of a color?  Did some of the wool absorb certain colors faster than others?  Did I mis-judge the amount of wool?

Olde Patina is my favorite recipe to give an aged look to wool; I've used it over flat wool and textures.  It is from the Beautiful Wool dye book by Laurice Heath.  The book provides recipes using both Pro Chem and Cushing dyes ~ Olde Patina uses Cushing Dyes.
Below is about 1 yard of pieces which went into one pot.
And here are the lackluster results.  
In another pot decided to dye the worms you see below.
Those worms were stuffed into a re-purposed onion mesh bag which has come in handy a few times.  It now has holes and had to weave a piece of wool to close the hole.  Guess it is time to purchase a bag of onions which has this type bag.
Here are the results, which I'm more pleased with than the pieces of wool.
So comparing the wool from the previous dyeing to the most recent, take a look.
The first darker piece of wool was from a previous dye job using Olde Patina.  The piece of wool to the right of that is from the same yardage but not nearly as dark as I'd hoped.  And the rest of the most recent dying is to the far right. 

For now I'll leave the wool as is and see if it can be used in my 1909 Horse rug.  But eventually it may go into a pot of dye again.

Happy rainy day from Delaware.



  1. Your worms turned out lovely. Maybe it's the water at this time of year that affected your results with your patina recipe.

  2. I like how you dyed your worms and sorry the rest wasn't what you wanted. Sounds like a good recipe though.

  3. Hmmm what vintage of wine were you drinking- haha. I see what you mean but still like the results. Does barometric pressure affect the dying process? I’ve dyed a few things but never gave it much thought????

  4. I'm sure you will find a good use for the dyed wool, even if it wasn't what you envisioned. BTW...the worms came out great!

  5. You never know what little factors can change the look of the colors, but it still has an aged look.



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