Thursday, March 22, 2018

Where Were We??

Oh, now I remember...... 2008 I had my very first class with Barb Carroll.  Kinderhook Basket was the rug design chosen for the class.  Barb owns the original and patterns can be purchased from Woolley Fox.  I LOVE this rug and remember the class with Barb fondly.  After that class purple became my friend.
That year Karen Kahle's Small Flowerbox was on my 'must do' list and hooked it at home.
Was still doing dolls and small projects so for the fall show hooked Wytch Pulling Pumpkin design by Lori Brechlin.  It is a pattern in one of her booklets and  of course it sold quickly.
The rug below which I named "Olde Gals" was adapted from a quilt pattern and hooked it in a class with Bev Conway.  I wanted to  make the nylon hose look a little wrinkled and drooping at the ankles but didn't think I could pull off that look.  Figured it would look like a blob or women with fat ankles so just hooked the seam  up the back.
That year I hooked another Polly Minick design called Patriotic Sandpails.  Photo taken outside on my deck in the sunlight so is a little washed out.
At Cape May in another class with Bev I hooked Herb Angel, a design by Brenda Gervais.  Her hair is a red and orange yarn.  OMG I have YARDS of it left.  The huge spool was purchased around 1980 when working for Sunset Designs, a needlework company located on Crow Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA.
Well kids, I've got work to do and want to get some hooking time in too so will continue with the next year's rug later.  Happy Hooking and where is spring????



  1. Love each of your rugs !!!! They are wonderful , even the seams on the stockings, what a great touch !!! Hope you didn't get too much snow , it missed us completely, so hopefully we don't see any more !!!

  2. again great pieces I took a class from Bev Conway and learned so much from her.

  3. Wow,,,, you have hooked alot of awesome mats!,,
    Amazing works,,,,
    Love seeing them,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,
    Where is spring!? Sunny but cold here,,,, slow spring,,,,


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