Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Rug Hooking Catch Up

Seems I've been an inattentive blogger to my rug hooking friends.  Just went researching thru old blog posts to see how long I've been working on 1909 Horse.  Mind you I am NOT BORED.  Am loving every minute I've worked on this 33 x 40 rug.  Just seems forever to show you final results.

The first post of hooking on the rug was February 19th so think hooking may have started on the 17th.  Which means I'm just 4 days short of a month on this project.  Here is where I am today.
Was so hoping to finish that empty section to the right but didn't happen today.

Am really excited to start the outside blocks as there are some very interesting hooked sections in the antique which cannot be seen in the photo below.  BUT, this photo was taken from the book.  
Looking at the book gives a better visual but sure wish I had a FIRST HAND photo of the ORIGINAL rug and not a copy of a copy.  If anyone has a photo of the original rug or how to find it I'd be forever grateful.



  1. I know you think a month is long but not to me. What a wonderful job you are doing.

  2. Its wonderful,,,
    What a fun mat,,, never, never boring! Lots of color changes,,
    Love , love,,,
    Thats fast, for a rug that size,,,, wow,,,,

  3. You are hooking at warp speed.
    Looks WONDERFUL!

  4. Not sure about the original but I love your version.


  5. I really like your color choices.


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