Friday, March 16, 2018

Rugs Hooked 2004

While at Rug camp in Cape May I purchased a pattern designed by Patsy Becker called Bowl of Flowers.  This was my first attempt color planning a rug (small tho it was) by myself.  This dear mat is on the landing of the steps going upstairs to the wool room.  I smile at my lack of knowledge and lack of wool stash for my choices.
At camp I learned how to whip the edges so used that technique on the mat.  The bowl is hooked with two re-purposed wools from the thrift shop.  Background is Dorr #44 which was the hot primitive dark choice, leaves were hooked with left over wool from 'Heritage' which was color planned by my teacher 2003.  At least the wool 'stash' of good stuff was just starting.

Can tell you now that pink is NOT my favorite color but there it is, lol.  That and the yellow were also repurposed clothing from the thrift shop.  So you see why I smile every time I go upstairs.  This mat humbles me and reminds me of my beginnings.

Speaking of 'Humble Beginnings', that was the name of a rug hooked in a class with Charlotte Price, and is a Charco design.  This rug was color planned by my first teacher Mary Lou Bleakley the same time as the previous rug Heritage.  The border on Humble Beginnings below is using the same Dorr #44.  
Was still doing shows to pick up a few bucks to afford my appetite for for rug camps and hooking so made dolls and hooked smalls to sell at shows.  Circle Whimsy below.
Oh, when I made purses I'd use the linings of skirts purchased from the thrift store.  Below is a penny rug design.
But when I made a purse with a cat it wouldn't stay in my  booth very long.
That year I also hooked this antique adaptation below and it sold quickly.  Sorry the photo is so washed out, photo was taken on my deck.  At that time was under the impression photos should be taken in natural light but now know it washes out the color as does a flash.
Pineapples and Flowers is a design by and hooked in a class with Bev Conway. The background was dyed by me and a recipe I continue to use.
Oh, something else I hooked that year was from a Kindred Spirits booklet and a pattern called Hearts and Flowers Oval.  The border and some of the blocks were hooked using an 'as is' burgundy and blue plaid which I had no idea what to do with.  Remember, I had NO stash except for what was acquired from the thrift shop after dismantling and washing the wool.  Frankly m'dear I think it turned out marvy.
Okay you newbies.  So you see how we all got our beginnings.  Take advantage of the thrift shop for wool now before they put out spring items.  It may even be too late.

BUT.... do not take the wool in your house until it is ready to go into the washing machine.  Dismantle the items in the garage or outside before bringing in the house.  Then wash the wool on warm and rinse on warm.  Either hang to dry outside or put in the dryer with fluffy towels on a low setting.



  1. Love that cat and mouse!
    Happy St. Pat's Day ;)

  2. Wonderful rugs and fun to look back to our first days of hooking.


  3. I like your bowl of flowers - it's endearing 😊

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Thank you for sharing your journey!! We all were a beginner at something and it is fun to see our growth in looking back!!
    Love the cat and mouse rug!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. Ahhh, memories, thanks for that,,,,
    Great mats,,,

  6. I hooked a similar pineapple rug with Bev early on. Love her quirky borders.

  7. I love that cat and mouse rug. Maybe I need that color instruction book for rug hookers? I really like the rug in the first photo. Maybe the color placement on the flowers is a tad symmetrical, but the colors themselves I like.

  8. an enjoyable trip down memory lane.


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