Monday, March 26, 2018

Rugs Hooked 2009

It is quite convenient that Lisa asked if I'd post previously hooked rugs.  It gives something readily available to post about and allows more hooking time on 1909 Horse.   Well, that plus dragging limbs back deep into the woods.  There is still a lot of manual labor required of me yet and the trunks of the trees are still here.

Anyhoo.....the second year in a class with talented rug hooking teacher, book author and colorist Barb Carroll, I hooked an antique adaptation called Woodland Deer.  It is a pattern offered by Woolley Fox.
Same year I hooked a pattern design by Bev Conway called Speckled Hens.  Each of the hens were sitting on a gigantic egg and, like Lisa, something didn't suit me so changed the eggs to straw.  This rug has been at my back door in the kitchen for 9 years now.  My dogs and I have walked on it over the years coming in and out of the backyard during all kinds of weather.  This rug makes me happy and looks like sunshine in my kitchen every day.
Ahhhhhh, the year I really fell in love with a rug.  Until seeing a rug hooked by my friend Evelyn Lawrence at a Cape May rug show wasn't aware of who Magdalena Briner Eby was.  This was the first Magdalena rug I drew and hooked ~ known as Domestic Zoo.  

There has been some controversy as to whether or not this is a Magdalena design.  However, there are so many motifs in this rug which (to me) indicate it is hers.  Magdalena has leaf motifs in several of her other rugs, birds and other farm animals.  Since there are snakes in this I'm wondering if perhaps it was a wedding rug ~ just a primitive and naive take on 'the Garden of Eden'.  A mystery which may never be solved.
Fat Dog, designed by Tonya Robey, was a fun smallish piece to hook and he even has a little 'bling' on a tooth.   I've seen where Mad Hen has a companion design called Fat Cat which would be a fun pattern to hook me thinks.
Red Salt Box design called Flying Trio was another hooked that year.  I did some minor changes to this as well by adding the wavy line and stars in the border and having the flying bird's legs flow backward instead of a standing position. 
Looking for patterns to draw myself went looking thru my Barb Carroll books.  Found Debbie's Horse pattern to enlarge and draw.  Ah...have linen and Sharpie, a duo made in heaven.
Still doing shows then I'd hook a few smalls to sell but won't bore you with those.   Here is a rug which was designed in a class with delightful and talented Gail DuFresne.  I pleaded with her to pull me out of my 'primitive box' and teach me how to use brighter colors as I felt awkward with them.  In class with Sharpie in hand this is what developed.  When I got home I had to add fabric to the ends to accommodate the mouth of one and tail of another fish.
I love Gail, her teaching skills and appreciate her wonderful designs. The main thing I learned that day was to enjoy what makes you feel comfortable.  If you recall from a previous post, I learned that narrow cuts were NOT for me, even tho I love the achievements on the Rottweiler Memorial wall hanging.  My comfort zone is with wide cut primitive rugs.

Enjoy hooking in whatever style and cut is your comfort zone.  It is a great therapeutic form of entertainment for me.  Happy Monday everyone.



  1. Wonderful rugs and variety. It is fun to hook different styles.


  2. So many great rugs. Fat Dog is a hoot :)

  3. Hi Saundra,
    I love seeing all of your rugs, but Domestic Zoo is one of my favorites!!! Hope you don’t work too hard with those tree limbs!!
    Take care and enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. Awesome mats,, saundra!
    Love them all,,,
    Love the stories, too,,,
    Have a good day,,,
    Hope ur mess over with soon,,,


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