Sunday, March 11, 2018

Vintage Rug Show Time

Have collected a few new photos plus some old ones which haven't been shared yet.  Below is Star and Tulips from the Kellogg collection, late 19th century Pennsylvania.  Measures 32 x 42.
Deer with Pine Trees below has a couple style borders.  Early 20th century and measures 19 x 38.
Wish I could see the back of the rug below to see what the original colors were before it faded.  At least I'm guessing the light color is from fading.  No provenance was provided.
A beautiful geometric rug with diamond shapes, I like this one and would be a good use of multiplying worms.  
My eyes are fixated on the horse to the right ~ touch the photo to enlarge it.  Love how the hooker did directional hooking to make the mane stand out.  Also the use of color to indicate the beautiful body form of the horse.  They are magnificent creatures and I love watching slow motion views of horses running.
Below is a back view of the rug to show original unfaded colors.  Dimension of the rug is 24 x 44 and dated early 20th century.
And what's a rug show without cats?  Here are two cats framed with black background and trimmed with ivy.  Measures 16 x 30 early 20th century.
A view of the back.
A Patriotic rug "I Pledge Allegiance To Thee" with a date of 1918.  Wish the photo had been a straight on shot instead of at an angle.
A view of the back.
And finally, a Western themed rug from Montana.  In amazing good shape and I'd say was not a floor rug.  Love that hit and miss background between the rope hooked blocks.  Measures 51 x 99 and was to be circa 1920.
Hope you enjoyed the show.



  1. wonderful rugs but I like the one with the sheep in the field.

  2. The kitty rug is sweet but my favorite is the patriotic one.

  3. Love when you do these. It's really a show for everybody as there were as many differences in taste then as now.

  4. Hi Saundra,
    I have many of these saved on my Pinterest board on rug hooking and especially love the first one and the kitty one, but the horse one is also wonderful, as is the Patriotic one!!!! Hmmmmmmm........guess I just love them all!!! lol
    Hope you have a great week, and thanks for the show!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. Awesome mats!
    Love the geometric one,,, and kittys!
    Thanks for show,,,,

  6. Wonderful rugs and that is a beautiful horse rug, with the use of shading and directional hooking.



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