Saturday, March 10, 2018


That was the sentiment shared with me by rug hooker Susan Traughber.  She must sit up all night hooking as she has accomplished many rugs in a short time.  Susan ordered Magdalena's Goat shortly after posting it on my blog.  One of her daughters fell in love with it as she was hooking and so it found a new home.
Her other daughter loved the first one as it was being hooked, so purchased another pattern to hook for her other daughter.  After all, a mom must be fair to her kids, right?
I asked Susan which of the two hooked Goats she liked best.  Susan said she loved them both.  After all, that is like choosing which of your children you love love all of them equally.

Prior to the Goat patterns she hooked Domestic Zoo.
Before the second Goat rug was finished Susan was already planning her future projects and ordered Magdalena's Farm, Harvey's Magdalena and Magdalena's Double Roosters.  Below is the Farm before it was bound.
Here is Harvey's Magdalena nearly finished.  They certainly compliment each other and think Susan should keep these for herself.
But she isn't done yet because there is still one more rug which needs to be hooked and it is a biggie.....Magdalena's Double Roosters.  She wanted it drawn the original size so will keep her busy for a while.  This is a photo of the original Double Roosters by Magdalena.
Can't wait to see how she hooks this one and what will be next on her 'to do' list.

Happy Saturday.  Perhaps I should turn on the local news to find out if there is rain or snow coming this way.  This is the 3rd storm to hit the east coast in a short period.


  1. Wow,,,, awesome mats that susan hooked!
    Hope yr ok after storms,,, yikes,, march can be brutal,,,,
    Take care,,,

  2. Wow ...Susan's rugs are beautiful ! She is a speedy hooker too !!!
    Lets hope this 3rd storm goes right out to sea !!!!

  3. Hi Saundra,
    I think you have certainly found a Kindred Spirit in Susan!! Her rugs are beautiful!!! Hope the weather changes for the better!!!
    Have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~


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