Monday, March 19, 2018

And Then.....

.... after hooking for a couple years had feelings of inadequacy as to my hooking.  There was an atmosphere that wide cut primitive hookers weren't 'real' hookers and hooked only what they were capable of.  

That year I signed up for a class with Jon Ciemiewicz ~ I know you have seen his magnificent works of art in Rug Hooking Magazine and shows.  That was the class I started work on my Rottweiler Memorial.
The dogs were hooked in #3 but got so frustrated with narrow cut that the background was hooked in #5.  The background was a mixture of that same High Meadow Green dye recipe, a staple of mine.  The wool in the dogs were dip dyed by me using repurposed brown wool dip dyed in black.  

And some of you may know, at the nape of the neck between the color change some of their hair is hooked in.  I'd saved each of their hair during grooming when they were alive.  Friend Leslie, now departed, spun their hair on a narrow core of wool yarn.  In person you can see the hair, which makes this a very special piece for me.

Okay then.... I got my confidence back!  I now know my capabilities of handling a narrow cut, could paint well with wool but CHOSE to hook wide cut and primitive.  So what did I do next, you ask?

Pulled out a piece of linen and drew a primitive rug and hooked it in #8.
One year at Cape May someone was working on Bev Conway's pattern Rufus the Lion and it was love at first sight.  So purchased the pattern and hooked that in a class with Bev.
Those shades of fuscia and purple aren't really me but since his adorable mane had those colors they needed to be spread around the rug.  The rug is in my wool room.

Meanwhile during the year I hooked several more purses for shows and small mats until it was time to go to another rug camp.

The pattern Birds and Pomegranates by Edyth O'Neill was in a book so drew that out for the class with Eric Sandberg; and sold that one.
Was time to put another rug on my frame so chose 1880 Running Horse.  This one I hooked on my own using the picture of the antique as a guideline ~ sold this one too.
Going into 2007 Polly Minick was offering Patriotic kits with portion of the proceeds to benefit the Semper Fi Fund, which helps wounded warriors and their family.   I recently donated this to the American Legion so they could sell chances  ~ all proceeds went to their cause.
That was also the year  Polly and I developed a great working relationship which lasted 10 years until her recent retirement.  

In a class with Lucille Festa I hooked 1847 Turkey, a pattern in a Needl'love publication named Falloween.
Next on my frame was Crow Sampler, a design by Kindred Spirits.  I changed it up a bit with the border.
And here is the original on the web site.
Tonya (Mad Hen) invited me to hook a design to be included in an upcoming booklet.  There were a few of us rug hookers who were included in that publication.  It was quite an honor for me; heck, she provided the pattern as well as the wool.  The only stipulation was that the black was to be for the sky (a/k/a/ background).
There ya have it for another blog post rug show.  After breakfast I will go back outside and work my aching bones to clean up the small limbs.  But at least the trees are being whittled down and the mess will eventually be gone.
 Although you can't see it in theese two photos, the trees are still in a very precarious and dangerous position as the weight of the top tree is teetering on the tip of my clothes line post.  
Here are close-ups.  The weight of the top and heaviest tree is sitting on that tilted clothes line post.

The men will be back this morning to begin work again.  Would you believe there is another storm with rain/snow and wind developing for Tuesday and Wednesday?



  1. I do love your first rug, you did a beautiful job on it. I actually find it easier to do small cuts and detail, it is just filling in the spaces, prim is hard, to get that look is not as easy as people think.


  2. Great rugs but my favorites are the turkey (on my bucket list) and the Tonya rug!
    Hope the trees get cleaned up soon. Oh, the joys of home ownership :(

  3. I hope the bad weather misses you. Love seeing all the variety in your rugs.

  4. Wow,,,
    Still cleaning up,,,, amazing the damage,,, hope the storm misses you,,,
    We have had sunny cold cold weather,,, but very lucky,,, no more snow storms ,,, hope that was it,, but not so sure,,,,

    The mats you have made are just wonderful, wow,,, you have done alot,,,
    Have a good day,,,

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Love following along on your "rug journey" and seeing all your beautiful rugs!! I know it must be hard to let some of them go, too!
    Your first rug is so beautiful and I know it has to be so very precious to you!! My favorites are the Running Horse and the Turkey, but they are all special!!
    I can't believe how big those trees are and how they are being held up by the clothes post! Yikes!! Sure hope the weather people are wrong and the storm misses you completely!!
    Take care and have a good and safe week!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. your hooking always amazes me I have been hooking for quite some time and I still feel less than worthy of the rug hooking being done at hook in etc.
    Good luck with your tree I believe you are having another storm we are getting it a day later.
    happy spring


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