Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Antique Rugs Instead

I've noticed a decline in viewership since showing rugs I've hooked so figure it's time for a break and show antique rugs instead.  

Below is a rug titled Urn of Flowers.  It was hooked late 19th century, measured 30x48 and hooked with cotton and wool.  I think this was a design Jo Wick hooked with Barb Carroll a while back.  OMG, love this design.
Below is a Bird in center surrounded by flowers and two squirrels at the bottom.  Pastel hooked rug with cotton and yarn.  
A 19th century rug hooked with classic scroll and primitive flowers in the center.   I'd like to do another hooked rug with scrolls since Barb Carroll got me over my fear.  Not sure it would be this design but for sure see another rug with scrolls in my future.
Interesting rug below with the cats and border.  No date or other information was available so we can only guess about its history.
A very naive primitive cow heading back to the barn.  Colors are bright and I've no idea what the age of this rug is.
A floral with herringbone edge in rough shape and no other information available.
Looking for a way to use up those worms?  Here is a hit and miss geometric with an interesting border.
Happy Hump Day.



  1. Wonderful rugs and your horse rug is coming along beautifully.


  2. Thanks , saundra!, love the hit and miss one and that urn!!
    Oh my,,,, wonderful,,,,
    Have a good weekend,,,,

  3. I love the old rugs but I was so happy to see what you have hooked in the past. Not sure what is going on but each time I comment to you I get an email that I am blocked.

  4. Yes, the first antique rug is the one I hooked an adaption of with Barb Carroll last year. What makes it even more special, the diamonds in the outer border were all hooked with wool I had purchased at Barb’s over the years. It was a fun rug to hook!

  5. Always try to pick a favorite. This time it is definitely Urn of Flowers.

  6. Antique rugs are made to last. The natural beauty adds taste and a touch of aristocracy. I always prefer antique ones over moderns machine made rugs.
    Nice show by the way. Your collection is wonderful. You could start a bit more descriptive blog. People nowadays love to hear everything in details. Just an opinion.


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