Tuesday, March 27, 2018

1909 Horse Update

Today several more trips to the back of the woods dragging sizeable limbs were made ~ the limbs I've been dragging will NOT fit into a wheelbarrow so must be pulled.  Sometimes I feel like a mule pulling a heavy load and probably look like one too.  No wonder my hips and shoulders hurt.

Just finished another block and since the pattern needed to be moved on the frame thought it time to show progress.
Doubt it will be all hooked before leaving for camp on April 8th, but I'll try.  You are probably wondering why there is a brown line just above the light star on the left side.  Well, that quirky out-of-place strip was in the original antique rug.  There are other blocks which seem unusually hooked and plan to hook them in as well.

Happy Tuesday.



  1. Really like this one. Did not notice that "strip" until you pointed it out.

    As for your yard, you have my sympathies.

  2. Hi Saundra,
    You will probably have some serous biceps by the time you are done in your yard!!! Be sure to take something for your aches and pains!!
    Love this rug!!! The quirky lines and shapes just add to its charm!!!!!
    Have a good week and a Blessed Easter!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. that is a lot of hard work for sure.
    I am sure you will have quite a bit of that rug finished before you leave.

  4. I would bet $$ you'll be done before April 8!
    Your yard clean up sounds painful :(

  5. I just had a thought. If you know of anyone who sells firewood, might ask them if they would like to come help and can have the wood 😊 Not sure if that offer is already over used. Your horse is looking fabulous. I love the simplicity but all the quirks that go into it make it eye catching.

  6. Loving ur horse mat,,,, love animal mats!
    And flowers, too,,,
    Spring has sprung here ,, warmer and rainy,,,,
    Happy easter,,, seems early,,,,
    Lots of work for you,,, yikes,,, take care,,,


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