Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Bit of a Tease

In a previous post I told you about the Anniversary Sheep pattern which was given to each student last September at Cape May.  We were invited/encouraged to hook it and take to Cape May this September.  

We could design it any way we wanted but think the sheep shape was a given.  We could make it into a pillow, purse, mat, wall hanging, etc. 

I wasn't really 'feeling' the sheep and not fond of monk's cloth.  Yeah, it could be transferred to linen but didn't think even linen wouldn't have made me want to hook it more.   Not sure if I'd even finish it so thought to go ahead and use the monks cloth.

Don't get me wrong, that was a very generous and time consuming gift Norma and Linda provided to all the students in each class.  So felt it important I should hook the design in respect.  Besides all you followers know how I change my mind in a blink of an eye as to what my heart wants to hook.  

Since Cape May is only two months away thought I'd better start early.  
Here is what I've accomplished so far and it will sit on the sidelines until plans are decided on my next move forward.
One of the two species of turtles which reside on my property has reappeared to drink and wash it's itty bitty feet after today's rain.
Isn't it a beauty?  This one is an Eastern Box Turtle and has a high domed shell.  The other species I showed you in a previous post was an Eastern Map Turtle. 
After the photo shoot and putting up with the paparazzi my Eastern Box Turtle disappeared under the periwinkle.

Happy Thursday to you all.



  1. Well I like what you have done so far! Cute turtle.
    We are in for rain tomorrow and a break in the heat.

    1. I it Saundra.....please finish it loving iT!

  2. I think you are off to a great start on your Cape May sheep.
    How big was that turtle? What a cutie!

  3. I love how you changed it up, it is going to be a beautiful rug and a nice memory of your classes there.


  4. Love that sheep ,,, looks great!!
    And that turtle,,, wow,, he looks big!! And pretty!
    Nice neighbor,,,,,
    Cooler here this am,,, might cool iff house for a few days, before next heat comes back,,, its the humidity,,, that we hate,, and have no energy!!!
    Need to do lots today to get caught up,,,,

  5. Love this rug you are working on …..that is a cool looking turtle ! We have painter turtles around here.
    Finally pouring here , after so many days of heat & humidity , I am looking forward to opening the windows & enjoying fresh air !!!


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