Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Making Do

There is an old saying I'm sure all of you rug hookers and quilters have heard before:
Use it Up
Wear it Out
Make it Do
or Do Without

The rug below is a great example demonstrating the above quote perfectly.  A horse, tulips in the corners with hit and miss everywhere.  Even with the hit and miss it is easy to see and identify the motifs.
The cheerful rug below was hooked around 1860 and came from the Pollock family estate of Illinois.  Original size is 23 x 40 with a chenille field and use of various colors for the multiple motifs.
The 1900s rug below has a lot going on and great use of color.  Almost reminds me of a gameboard.  Love that soiled aged look.  Interesting too is it appears her foundation may have been smaller than she needed so had to reduce the bottom middle blocks shorter than that at the top.  You may see this on my frame in the future one day.
Speaking of "making do".....sadly today's society seems to be the throw away generation.  When a new iPhone comes out the perfectly good one gets traded in to provide Apple shareholders more dividends instead of keeping the cash in their pockets.   When I go to the thrift shop it is sad to see someone's grandmother's quilt, afghan or hooked items given away.  They were made with love but thoughtlessly cast out as trash for something new.

As a kid I was taught to take care of my things because they would not be replaced.  Now you see bikes, skateboards, etc. left in the yard to rust.

Recently I was corresponding with rug hooker Diane Daniels who shared a very interesting link on what happens to clothing people discard ~ good clothing at that.  What a waste.  Click HERE to see the final resting place of cast off clothing and the reaction of the people in India.  The video is a few minutes long but you can pause it for another cup of coffee or another beverage of your choice.

Happy Wednesday.



  1. I think that saying was what I was taught and probably my mother before me, in our family clothing was always reused and rug hooking was a winter project, my eyes no longer allow me to hook but in the past I made rugs from woolen jackets and coats, skirts and dresses, I still have one that my grandmother made and I love that each piece tells a story of our own family. I will enjoy watching the video, thank you,, beautiful photos of rugs too!

  2. We are very much a throw away society. Most I would say 90% of my clothes are from thrift shops. today I had Capris,a top, earrings and new shoes (really they had never been worn) on today all for the price of 5.00 I got two compliments on them. I am trying very hard to to throw as much away. Now I have to work harder on food.
    We do ok but there is room for improvement.
    ps love the first rug.

  3. That is so true, I tend to hold onto things and enjoy using scraps and leftovers more than new fabrics and wool. I love hit and miss.


  4. Love these mats,,,
    Thanks saundra!
    I take my stuff to thrift shops,,, and buy there, too,,,, hardly ever buy new!!
    We have a local one where money goes to our hospital,,,,
    Sad,,, these days,,,
    Take cars,,

  5. The video was absolutely fascinating - recycling at its best. Sometimes I think we North Americans really do not appreciate enough of what we have got!

  6. I think I am just the opposite. I have such a hard time getting rid of anything and I have WAY too much stuff!!! But you know me. I keep buying!


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