Friday, July 13, 2018

Little by Little

It is being hooked slowly, little by little, and will be done before rug camp in September.  
I took this rug to wine tasting this evening in hopes of getting a photo of the 'gathering of friends' as usually there is a huge crowd.  Since the weather was so fine with mild temps and low humidity guess people were staying home, gardening, beaching or whatever.  So will take a photo of the group another time and share.

Also pulled a few loops on the Cape May Sheep piece this week too even tho I'm not sure what direction I want to go.  Will show you that progress or lack of in a day or two.  Am hoping I'll find my way and have a plan to share.  

If any newbie hookers or seasoned hookers have a subject you'd like for me to share, please post a comment in the comment section, email me personally OR if a No-REPLY blogger you can submit your comment or question on the right side of my blog in the E-MAIL ME spot.  It is only that way I'm able to personally reply to those NO-REPLY bloggers.

Happy weekend.



  1. I like the array of shades you are using, really mimics the colors in the older rugs.


  2. Absolutely love this, saundra!
    You sure get lots done,,,,
    Oh, its getting hot again,,, need rain,,, here,,,
    And muggy!,,no ac,, so off to the lake for a cool off later,,,
    Hope to hook today sometime,,,, not too speedy these days!!
    Thanks for sharing,,,,

  3. You just don't give yourself enough credit for all you get hooked ~ and don't go comparing yourself to "you know who" again :)

  4. Your rug is progressing nicely. I really like the soft buttery yellows and golds.


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