Saturday, July 7, 2018

Rug Show

Instead of working on either of my rug projects, I've been visiting Pinterest and online auction sites for antique rugs.  This rug below I saw several days ago on Pinterest, tried to save a photo and instead of going back to the home location lost it.  Then for several days could not find it with any key words but continued to search until it was found again.

It is a Patriotic Eagle rug hooked early 20th century and from a private Brooklyn, Maine home.  It sold for $4,128, size is 37 x 76.  That's one  big and beautiful rug.
The information I have on the rug below is Slotin Folk Art, Buford, Georgia, hooked in the 1800s and sold for $3,999.  
The Floral and Ivy design below was hooked late 19th century and measures 35 x 49.  The scrolls were very primitively done but she got the idea across using what she had.
The neutral Cats and Scallops rug below measures 25 x 44 was said to have been hooked mid 19th century.
Lion in the Garden below is a great looking antique with delightfully faded and make-do colors.  Oh my but I do love a blotchy background and border like this.   
A Red Running Horse with Leaf & Flower border.
And a chuckle for the evening I leave you with the following rug which is not an antique.  It was hooked in 1992, hit and miss corner to balance the design of soap, brush and pail.  Now, the TS on the bucket could be the initials of the hooker.  Or...... is it a statement from the hooker that "tough sh*t" someone has to do this dirty work?
Today there was lower humidity so picked up pine cones and limbs to get the grass cut before the humidity and heat picks up again.

Enjoy your Saturday evening.



  1. each one a work of art! Beautiful!

  2. Could you tell me how to find that eagle picture on pinterest. Love it!

  3. very nice the bucket one is funny if that is what it is.
    much cooler here thank goodness.

  4. Been a nice few days of cool, before hot returns!
    Thanks for the show,,, always good!
    Thanks for ur time!,, and sharing,,,

  5. Love the eagle rug and find the one below it quite interesting and a bit ahead of it’s time.


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