Sunday, July 15, 2018

Decision Made

Finally made up my mind on the direction for the Cape May Sheep.  I had the grandiose idea to make it into rounded bottom tote and use the back of a pair of my jeans for the reverse side.  But thought it silly to put that much work into something I wasn't really 'into doing' in the first place.  So mind made up decided to pull a few loops.
In looking at the photo I'm wondering if I need that darker orange reflection line at the bottom of the sun as well as under.

If you didn't see my original post before starting this project, here is what we were given to work with.  Those exterior lines I drew to ensure the 1" edge for binding.  The original piece of monks cloth measured 14 x 18 1/2.  So my mat will measure 12 x 16 1/2.
Can't wait to work on the Stars and Diamonds again this evening.  But also can't wait to get the sheep done so it's not hanging over my head.  Must admit I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone else designed their piece.  

Remember all that water I had and never thought it would leave?  Well it is dry as a bone here now and the grass is brittle, leaves falling off the trees and farmers need rain.  Guess I can't be pleased 😄.



  1. We are dry but not quite that dry. I love your little sheep.

  2. I love the addition of the setting colors, really makes the rest show up nicely and for a tote, the colors are perfect for the beach look.


  3. such a lovely sheep, beautiful work,, I hope rain finds you again soon,

  4. We need rain,,, yikes,, maybe today ,,, humid!
    Sweet sheep ,, whatever it ends up being,,,
    Crazy weather,,,

  5. Hi there Saundra, boyyyy did we get the BUCKETS of rain today after being so dry for so long, did it get as far south as you? Torrential down pours, lighting, thunder for hours & flooding in sooo many areas up here in Mass.! Hope your property didn't become a lake today? One extreme to the other!

    I really like the addition of your "setting sun" colors, adds a nice contrast to the ocean. And the (tote) idea backed with an old pair of jeans sounds FUN & practical, perfect finish! ~ Diane


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