Saturday, July 21, 2018

It's About Time

Good grief, I haven't made a blog post since Wednesday so it definitely about time.  Since it was also time to move the rug on my frame figured I'd show you progress on the Stars and Diamonds antique adaptation.
And before I pull another loop on anything, this rats nest of tangled up wool strips must be organized one-more-time!
On the arm to the left is a mixture of all the wool colors which started out in bags and containers.  Even tho (at first) they were kept tidy somehow I lost control so now have to pay the piper.  

Happy Saturday, raining here and it was needed for the farmers' fields and believe it or not, also my yard.  Although, when the grass is crispy it doesn't need to be cut as often 😁.



  1. I know you don't think so, but you are making great progress on your rug.
    Heck, that doesn't look too messy to me :)

  2. Your rug is coming along nicely...the diamonds in the border are calling to me... I agree with Lauren about your wool not looking particularly messy...I've been keeping my current project wool in order...and using up lots of pre-cut worms...

  3. Such a great rug. do you put a pillow behind your back,so that your back is supported or you are tall not sure which.

  4. Wonderful rug and love how it looks are more is filled in. We have rain coming in late tonight, and maybe through tomorrow, but we need it.


  5. Missed u,,,,
    Thought it seemed a long time! Your mat is terrific!!
    Wow ,,, you are pretty tidy,,,,
    My scrappy is coming along,,,, have my containers evwrywhere ,,, and just grab a handful,,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,,
    Getting abit of rain here too,,,


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