Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Special Gift to Myself

Was so excited to get my mail today even tho it included a couple monthly bills.  I mean, who doesn't want to GET money ...OR...get GIFTS?  This was the special gift to ME.  It is a chair pad designed AND hooked by none other than Edyth O'Neill.
After buying it I asked if she would kindly sign it for me before shipping, which she did.
The name of the pattern offered by Woolley Fox under Edyth O'Neill's name is Flame 1.  Edyth hooked the chair pad in this shape to fit a chair of hers I'm sure because the pattern in the WF book is more rectangle.  This has a slight angle from front to back which would fit nicely on an old chair.  

I have an antique rocker but there sits a doll I made and don't want to cover up my new beautiful gift.  So am presently sitting on it and this is where it will be and what I'll see when coming to the computer.  Oh, and a note from Edyth thanking me for the purchase.  Edyth... thank YOU for allowing me to purchase it.  This is a treasure from a true artist of many talents ~ antique doll restoration, painting, designing and hooking rugs.
IF you check Woolley Fox for the pattern, which  measures 16 x 20, the visual in the pattern book will be in this direction.
I enjoy surrounding myself with things which give me joy.  This is one of those things.  Thanks Edyth.



  1. Isn't it great to have treats that bring us joy.

  2. Lucky you to have one of Edyth's hooked pieces. I saw she was selling items.


  3. Thank you Saundra for those warm words. Hasn't our great rug making craft enriched all our lives! Thousands and thousands of us making rugs and making friends. e

  4. Lucky you! I saw that on her blog. What a talented lady!!!

  5. Thats lovely,,, what a special treat!!
    It looks great there,,,
    You enjoy it,,,
    Have a great day,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,,

  6. I too am a fan of Edyth. Her book “Rugs for My Red Cape” is a fav! Lucky you to own a piece of her handcrafted work! The colours are wonderful!

  7. What a beautiful piece !!! It's nice to treat ourselves with something special , we have to do that !!!!

  8. Lucky you to have a beautiful piece from Edyth A Great treasure to be sure Enjoy

    linda m

  9. What a "cherished tresure" Saundra... from a {special talented lady}. Enjoy your beautiful hooked chair pad by Edyth the flame design!


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