Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Work and Play

Humidity is back with a vengeance but the grass had to be cut before the next rain this evening and tomorrow or at least that is what my weather app says.  After cooling down thought I deserved a little play time with my hook and wool.

Am working on the Cape May Sheep Challenge and here is the container of wool I'm working from.
As you can see, I've already sewn on the cloth which will be the binding.  A strip of cotton was sewn to each side before hooking up to the edge.  When time to do the binding I'll show you how I do it.  Actually, I'd done the tutorial before, and more recently Lauren of Rugs and Pugs did a tutorial also. 

The wonderful grosgrain ribbon tied container (set of 4) was made and given to me by friend Deb Nees.   Each could have different colors of wool and set inside one another to reduce space usage at camp.  Also helps prevent your wool getting all mixed up.  

But you can see instead of putting the blue in one, tan in another and yellow in yet another they are all mixed together.  Uh, what do you expect?  You've seen the rats nests I make anyway so why not just start out that way? 

Happy hot humid Sunday.



  1. No rain here in northern Ohio. Dang!
    I never sew my binding on until after the hooking is done. One of these days I must try it before.

  2. Love ur container!
    Holds lots of wool worms!!
    Crazy weather,,,,
    We sure got lots of rain yesterday,, the most we got in months,,,
    Maybe more later,,, we sure needed it,,,
    Thanks for sharing, mm

  3. we are humid also but rain which we need. I like the basket you are working from. I always feel that other people are way neater than I am when they hook.

  4. we've been humid with random bits of rain, just enough to make my arthritic knee thrum with pain, I'm south of Lauren in NE, OH...I would start out with all my worms nicely divided then up with them in a jumble, you're just skipping the middle step...


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