Sunday, July 8, 2018

Having a Look See

Thought it was about time to take a photo of the Stars and Diamonds rug to see what it looks like on a computer screen.  Even tho the colors don't always show true at least seeing it on the PC gives me a better vision of obvious changes needed.
The dimensions of my rug are 21 x 43 the size of the original was 35 x 85 and hooked early 19th century.  Below is the well preserved original.
Enjoyed the mild and comfortable temperatures yesterday and today.  However, think the weather honeymoon is over after today.



  1. You are coming right along on your rug.
    We are back in the heat too but not suppose to last so long.

  2. Your mat looks great, saundra!!
    Love it!
    Pretty big!!
    You are a hooking machine,,,
    Have some hooking to take with me to a cottage,,, for a few days,, hope to get a gift done,,,,

    Thanks for sharing,,,

  3. wow thats amazing!!

  4. We have had a few most pleasant days and I'm loving them!

  5. It is nice to take photos so we can see our work in progress, it does help us see it, through fresh eyes. Love how it is coming out.


  6. Rug looks beautiful:)

  7. Very nice. Your colors are dead on.


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