Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Making Rug Labels again

There is a lull between rug label making as several pieces need to be hooked before a label is made to fill a page.  This is what I printed out today then realized I'd missed a rug.  Will save that for next time.  
These still need to be attached to the rugs but placed the labels on top of black felt to show up better.

It had been so long between label making I'd forgotten to print it in 'normal' instead of 'draft' format.  So the color on the labels isn't really crisp.  

If you are checking out the rug names you may wonder why there is a light background on that 2nd left side Flower Power label since I hooked mine with a black background.  That is the pattern shown on Nola's web site

I've attached the printed labels differently ~ in the beginning I just attached the cotton printed label directly onto the back of the rug like below.
Then decided to sew the label on black felt first and then attach like below.
Since the second choice takes two steps, albeit neater and more sturdy, am considering forgetting the second step.  Out of curiosity, which would you do?

Also, I've previously posted a tutorial on how I make labels.  If you would like to visit please click HERE.   Well crap!!!!  While copying and pasting that link was reminded that I have put EIGHT (8) labels on one sheet.  No wonder there was so much excess waste cut away today.  Oh well......

Another rainy day today and another tomorrow.  My pond is back and will be lake before the rain ends.



  1. wonderful labels I am very lax when it comes to that.

  2. I like the one step version...would like to put more info on the back but by the time I'm done I barely feel like stitching my name/date on...

  3. I have done them both ways. I see you machine stitched on to the black wool. I hand stitched. No wonder I usually do the one step
    Rain. We have rain in the forecast almost daily and have barely gotten a drop. We could sure use some. It's getting pretty crispy here.

  4. They look pretty awesome, saundra!
    I use labels my aunt gave me ,, that she orders from a company in england! She yses her for knitting articles,,, and I put them on my mats,,, I sew them on the backing of the mat,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  5. I like the one step label too ….I like how you give all the information about the design too.
    More downpours here too & humidity....more tomorrow & more Saturday ….UGH !!!!!

  6. I love how you do your labels, really gives the rug a more personal and professional look.



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