Sunday, July 29, 2018

Antique Adaptation Update

One star and a few diamonds to go but getting closer to the end.  
In case you've forgotten what the original antique looked like, C is below.  Comparing the two it looks like mine is more intense in color than the original.  But not planning on pulling out a whole bunch of loops ~ it will just have to do.
Guess it wouldn't surprise you to say I've already begun thinking about what is next on my frame.  But before getting to that will have to finish this one and bind it, finish hooking the Anniversary Sheep, and put labels on 6 rugs.

Grass was cut yesterday and now the rains will be back again tomorrow.  BTW, the lake is back in the very back part of the yard and into the woods so can't cut the almost knee high grass growing at the edge of the water.



  1. We are dry as a bone. Hoping for some rain tomorrow. Sorry to hear you are under water again. Loving the rug.

  2. Wow,,, you are coming along fast, saundra!
    I love , love this!!
    Actually I love all ur mats!!
    Great design and colors!
    We are still on dry side! But did get rain on saturday!,,,,
    Sunny and humid today,,, so shall see,,,
    Take care,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  3. Your rug is coming along nicely. I love that soft, buttery background.

  4. wonderful look to your rug... I am struggling to plan a rug that's been in my stash too long...wanting to get a lighter background than currently hooking the secret rug that's coming along nicely...thank goodness! sorry about your watery situation...

  5. wow you are getting that almost perfect with the old one. Sorry about the lake we had rain all last week, But we are into the heat again this week.

  6. You will get that rug done long before Cape May! Looks great.
    Sure wish some of your rain would come our way...sigh.


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