Friday, July 27, 2018

Rug Show Time

Have been perusing my photos of antique rugs; some you may have seen but think they need re-posting. One is this spread-winged Eagle with Stars and Flag.  Was hooked late 19th early 20th century, it measures 28 x 37.
Below is a leaping deer hooked with knits, wool, cotton, etc.  Just what a thrifty woman would do to use up 'what she had'.  The rug measures 23 x 36 and to have been hooked late 19th early 20th century.
Not much information was provided on the rug below but guess the date and style says it all.  In rug hookers terms this non-descript flower type is called a "Padula". The deer shown at the bottom are much smaller in comparison to the flowers, typical of primitives.
Love this sewn geometric below and sorry that is the only information I have.
Something I never noticed at first, there's a baby sheep with it's mother.  They just seem to blend in together ~ again, the only information I have it was hooked late 19th century.
Oh my, what's not to love about the beauty below.  It is a combination of geometric and patriotic, great use of hit and miss.  It is stitched onto a black fabric of some type (according to the auction house).  The original measures 26 x 43.
Today on an auction site I found this Sunbonnet Sue design feeding chickens.  It was mounted and measures 17 X 35 but sorry, no date listed.
Love this blue cat rug hooked late 19th century.  Perhaps she ran out of grey and black so used light and dark blue in its place.
A geometric with hit and miss blocks measures 37 x 39 and was hooked 19 century.  
Hmmmm, wonder if it was the same person who hooked the rug below?
Two more small pieces just found yesterday.  One of two 6 point stars which were hooked with loops cut or was set out done in proddy.  Both are close in size measuring 36 x 36 and 36 x 37.
And the other.  Tap on the photos to see the texture.
Happy Friday everyone.



  1. thanks for another good rug shoe...that sewn geometric has been on my list for a long time...

  2. Great rugs, love the star with the hit and miss squares around it.


  3. Fun old mats!!
    Love the textures,,,, fun,,,,
    Thanks for showing and sharing, saundra,,,
    We are actually getting rain this early am,,,, gentle one!!

  4. always love your rug shows!! it's been too hot to hook, but I am itching to get back to it!


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