Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Running out of Steam

My engine is running out of steam on what to post.  Last time was an update on Stars and Diamonds but don't want to bore you (again) with another update so soon after.  Not doing any dyeing so nothing new there;  recently gave you a rug show and my engine is out of steam.

Would love to show an update on the Cape May Sheep project but it is on hold for a bit as I ponder where to go next.  If a purse/tote it will need not only color and design work but shape ideas thought thru.  Am working it out in my head and hope my idea works ~ but....
For a nano second considered just making it into a mat but know that once done it will stay stored away out of sight because of the hooked wording.  So maybe the wording wasn't such a brilliant idea after all because it's best use would be a rug camp tote.

Obviously I'm not the only rug hooker who has run out of blogging steam.  There has been a huge decrease in the number of rug hooking bloggers and think that is due in large part to FB which reaches a larger audience.  

But along with FB is a lot of junk and people I don't know commenting about things in which I've no interest.  So make my visit to FB quick and only on the rug hooking sights and get off quickly.  

My friends and family seem to be addicted to FB but figure if anything is important I should know, they will contact ME personally, not in a FB message for all the world to read.  When I leave my house and ride by my younger neighbors' house they don't even lift their head up to see who is driving by.  They are engrossed in the cell phone.  

Am so thankful I grew up in a time when there were cards, letters, phone calls and personal visits.  We actually talked to one another.  Even a personal email message would be better than reading what a friend had to say on FB.

Our youth have limited experience interacting with humans in a day-to-day work environment if they can't speak and look at the person in front of them.  They may as well be a robot looking at a computer screen.

Okay, guess I did find something to blog about.  JMHO.



  1. you are right about the younger people but if you go out to dinner some of the biggest offenders are older people! they sit across the table from each other on their phones.
    looking forward to your choice on this rug.

  2. oh my gosh yes,, I am not a Facebook person, I love to write letters, I hate texting, I am not much for long visits on the phone kind of person either, gee, I sound anti social but I like to say hi and visit in person, I don't think we can ever force our creating, it unfolds in its own time,, it will be beautiful,

  3. I joined facebook to keep up with friends and family and nice to see what they are up to and photos of the kids, but it is more shared photos of things I could care less about and way too much political rants, so I scroll through and stop when I see something good, still prefer blogs though. I skipped my usual post, nothing new so I figured I could wait till friday.


  4. I enjoy blogs. I don't have one, but follow the ones that interest me. I am not a fan of people posting rants, personal info., and dirty laundry on FB.

  5. I miss when everyone posted such nice things on Blogs. Ever since we updated windows , it has been really difficult to post pictures from my phone to the computer. I am just not computer savy enough. I am only on FB to see friends & my kids posts. Even pinterest can be disappointing with all the ads. I always enjoy visiting your blog ….it's fun to see what you are working on & your helpful tips.

  6. I used to enjoy dinner at work when we all talked to each other and now they all just look at their phones...I am on FB a lot, mostly on the Cheri Friendship group where I'm an administrator...lot's of sharing...I enjoy blogs so much more because you feel like you're with a friend...have been working on posting more on my blog but like you I am out of steam...

  7. Enjoy your blog and understand the running out of 'steam' give yourself some downtime....

  8. I enjoy your blog and many others which I visit several times a week. But I do understand and am sure it is hard to come up with something new to blog about. I love it when you show pictures of all the rugs you have hooked and I am so amazed at how many you have hooked. Keep on creating, I'm sure there are many who enjoy following you as well as all the other creative minds out there!

  9. So enjoy ur blog, saundra!! I only get about 3 that come to my email,, and get on others about once a month, to catch up!
    Love my rug hooking ,,, punch needle,, crocheting, knitting socks sites on facebook,,, thats about it ,,, fairly new ,, as in 4 years!
    Think the sheep would make a great tote!!!

  10. I have made friends through blogging. I don't feel that way about Facebook but that seems to be the trend. I plan to continue blogging!

  11. Short, sweet & absolutely "right on the mark" Saundra! Sadly the business world has almost "forced" the presence of FB in our lives as well as Instagram & Twitter. I'm NOT one of those fond of any of them... and my wool business keeps me hopping more than most small artisan-based businesses with the daily barrage of orders (which I'm grateful for any these days) with all the competition "out there" now! But I'm NOT connected to FB, Instagram or Twitter via phone, still don't have a REAL "smartphone"...well its as smart as I'll let it (an older gen Samsung) which CAN be connected to the internet, but isn't and I don't want to connect to these. I'd rather just jump (on & off) my business page twice a day at best...sometimes twice a week, answer questions, post what I need & get off! I've been given hell by some customers & students of mine, but when you are running non-stop because of your business... the last thing you want to do is (get sucked into the vortex) and time slips away.

    It's already been proven that all the social media apps have been honed to (create addiction) & I'd much rather spend what little time "extra" I get ...to hook, punch, garden or feed my crazy squirrels & BE ONE with the wildlife I have in abundance all around our home.

    If more people would give themselves a STRICT LIMIT **a sure test to see how addicted they are to their devices** and allow themselves ONLY (one hour a day or so) on ONE of these sites -- or -- (half hour per site) a day, they'd realize HOW ADDICTED they really are when they find they are getting that "itch" and can't stand it & have to log in again & see what their missing! I'm so thankful I (don't) have that NEED!

    The younger gen is going to have it even harder now because they are almost born "with a phone in their hands" and allowed to jump on these sites way too young! Well... blabbed on too long! But love your site, love your wisdom & sense of humor! ~Diane


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