Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Few Old Rugs

Recently I stumbled upon a piece described on an auction site as a 1940 piece found in Iphra, PA with wild animals including an iguana.  Strange for that area I'd say in 1940..but I have never lived in that area.
Below is a floral hearth rug from New England, 19th century.  Lovely rug and nice mellow background
Another beautiful Eagle rug ... hey, all Eagles are beautiful and sadly a declining species.  This was from Virginia and hooked late 19th or early 20th century.
The 2 Fowl hooked rug below was located in Salem, Virginia.  No date was given but definitely so shows age as you can see with photo of the front and back.

Don't have a date on the Blue Diamonds Geometric below but would be a great way to use up wool worms in any color combination and have a nice design.
Lastly is this hooked piece.  Don't get your knickers in a twist, it isn't the National Rifle Assn.  But if it were I wouldn't be offended as I am a supporter of the Second Amendment.  

This is a symbol of the National Recovery Act enacted by President Roosevelt in 1933.
Rain came thru this evening so the farmers are happy.  



  1. great rugs we had lots of much needed rain I sure hope that it kills the humidity what a crazy summer for us.

  2. Lovely mats,,,
    You always find good ones,,,
    Cooler here now,,, yea,,, find my mojo again,,,
    Hate that hot humid,,, no energy,,,
    hooking today,,,
    Thanks saundra!!
    You make the start if my day perfect,,!!

  3. Love the border on the eagle. And that simple geometric is definitely appealing.

  4. No problem with the NRA here, either. Yeah, lets ban guns...and I'm sure the criminals will turn theirs in, too.
    LOVE that eagle rug and what a fun geometric.

  5. Enjoyed seeing all these lovely old rugs. Treasures. Maybe my favorite is the eagle.


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