Saturday, October 2, 2021

The Throw Down at Cape May 2021

It is always fun to see what folks have been working on during the week and get an idea for patterns you might put on your list of 'rugs to hook'.  It is also fun to see different color choices in rugs.

This first one is a pattern Bev drew for Evelyn after class teaching hours day 2.  It was fun to watch the communications, designing, and drawing process.
Pal Deb chose a Bev design (forget the name of the rug) but she sure accomplished a lot of hooking!!!!
Can't read the other name tags but the red horse and rabbits is being hooked by April Leas in Lucille Festa's class.
Pat McDonnel started the rug below at home or in another class as it was already started.  Sometimes we gals just need to get away and relax and work on something already in progress.
Debbie also brought her Rabbit in progress to work on. 
Not sure who is working on this floral.
Nor do I know who was hooking this geometric.  These darker values are more to  my liking than bright geometrics.
Don't know who is hooking this adorable cat's design either.
Class neighbor Nan was hooking this design by Bev called Sleuthing.
Another class neighbor Kathleen was hooking this floral rug which is also a design by Bev.  Can't wait to see it finished as I've only seen Bev's red floral hooked rug and the colors friend Loris was using when hooking the same design last November in Bev's class.
Lynda Powell is hooking this landscape.  Not sure if this is her home or not. But you should have seen all the values of green wool she had gathered for this.
Some Lucille designs being worked on.  It is difficult to move around to take photos with so many people taking photos so didn't get all the pictures.
I personally felt honored to be in the presence of such 'royalty' and special participant at this camp.  I'm talking about royalty of the TOWNSEND cutter and frame fame.  Here is a photo of Sharon Townsend and Evelyn Lawrence together.  Sharon was in Lucille's class.  What a beautiful lady inside and outside she is.  
Sharon, her 4 daughters and 1 granddaughter attended camp.  It was so heartwarming to see how they each cared for one another; particularly how they protected and cared for their mother.

And the "Townsend" help went beyond family as Suzanne helped several folks who had a cutter issue.  Some of which was a lesson on how to properly clean the blades or how to adjust the plate.  I stood by to take a lesson so I know how to adjust my plate if one strip is more narrow than the other coming thru the cutter.
This is an original design by the granddaughter Maggie Crabb.
Below is a Lucille design being hooked by Rachel Ridgeway.  I believe she is one of the "Townsend daughters" who attended the camp.
Jenny Lee, a Sharon Townsend daughter, is hooking a birthday card drawn by a child and is the design in the middle with the green and purple in the center .  I'm going to reach out to the family to confirm who hooked which and get the names straight.
The photo below shows Trees and hills on the left, don't know who is hooking that. To the right is a design of hot air balloons and the reflection on the water.  Must be honest here, when first seeing the long drawing at class just didn't 'get it'.  But OMG I sure do now.  I THINK the designer of this is Susan Cantrell, another of Sharon's wonderful daughters she raised.
Here is where the sisters and granddaughter sat to hook on the porch.  Clockwise, not sure if the hidden lady is Rachael or not, I think it is Jenny Lee in the blue, facing the camera is Suzanne and in the black is Maggie.  Hope I have those names correct.
I believe Rachael is a daughter who was in the Lucille class with her mother but don't know which rug Sharon was hooking.

And finally my Margaret Shaw design called Stacked Birds.  I'm having a dickens of a time to come up with color combos to make the border cohesive.  Think that top left circle needs to have the off white pulled and replaced but don't know what yet.  Could put this aside and work on my horse rug but am afraid of losing my mojo on this one.
Happy hooking and Happy October.  Can you believe how fast these months have flown by?  Had my high dose flu shot yesterday and inquired when I had my last pneumonia vaccine.  It was September 2015 so am past due getting that but will have to wait at least 2 weeks before getting any other vaccine.



  1. Sauder what a great memory!! Thank you taking the picture of us!! I am sending it to Mom!! What an enjoyable time we had!! Life doesn’t get much better than spending it doing something you have a passion for with people you love!!

  2. So many rugs in progress and so many designs. I like details but the one with the hare playing the bagpipes has too many details for It must be quite a job to hook but some people have the knack for such details.

    You got quite a lot done on your Stacked Birds. One trick I was taught is when I couldn't decide what color to use on certain motifs, was cutting a paper motifs and coloring it with color chalks or markers. and putting in on the rug to see how it looked. It was faster than hooking and then reverse hooking.

    I'm sure you'll figure it out. You have more hooking experience than me.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Thanks for the throw down show. You are making great progress on your rug!

  4. Does Bev sell her patterns online? So love the colors of stacked birds!Janice

  5. Wow...Lots going on in this post. Holy moly! Your MS rug is looking great....just love the colors you used for the birds. And I love the kitty rug...and that landscape by Lynda I think is going to be a stunner. I was also going to comment on the level of detail in the rabbit rug...but even though Julia says it's a rabbit with bag pipes, I'm not seeing it LOL. Maybe I should give up hooking for good?? ~Robin~

  6. Wow , so many beautiful rugs & details .....was really fun to see all the different styles. Your birds are looking great too !!! Had to be just wonderful being there !

  7. How sweet that the whole Townsend clan attended together!!! Warms my heart. I love your rug and you got lots done.

  8. What great Mats started!!!wow,,,,love UR birds,,so much,,,What a great pattern!!!

  9. wow what a great time you had!!!! And such wonderful rugs. I love that rug hooking went through the family


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