Thursday, February 24, 2022

I Saw Rabbits.....

 ...hoppin down the bunny trail.  We have a new participant to my hook-along and she is a friend of Denise's.  Welcome Susan, thanks for joining us.  You've accomplished quite a lot in such a short time.
Her friend Denise chose to draw her pattern out with a border and has been busy too.
Janice sent me an update on hers, so me thinks she is enjoying having the rug hook back in her hand.  Wonder what color her flower will be?
Guess I'd better stop working on the Blue Bowl of Flowers and get back to work on my rabbits; thanks for the cattle prod ladies, lol.  Its not too late to join, I just got an order for a Dancing Rabbit pattern but remember, you are not required to purchase a pattern.  If you have foundation fabric and a Sharpie, just enlarge the design of your choice (previously shown on a post) draw it out and go to town hooking.



  1. How fun to see what colors everyone is using! Yes I am enjoying having that rug hook in my hand and putting down my needle for a change. I dont know if I told you that I hand cut my worms like our foremothers did. I actually enjoy that even more than binding too! Janice

  2. Very fun to see the bunnies take color

  3. Oh....I am so loving these bunnies! Making me wish I hopped on the bunny trail! This is showing me bunnies look great in every color! But I love, love, love that little white bunny tail on Susan's LOL. ~Robin~

  4. That pattern is just so stinkin' cute, they are all adorable~

  5. Love seeing the sweet bunnies,,,Great job ,,girls,,,,
    IT another snow day,,,and trying chiropractor again,,,Maybe some back relieve so I can hook again,,,
    Loving seeing everybody's,,,

  6. Love seeing these Cute Bunnies !!!! Have been busy cleaning the house for my Daughter & her kids to visit ....Now I can Hook !!! Yipeee !!!

  7. Oops, I guess I missed this post. I'm doing things in reverse. Love all the happy bouncing bunnies and love how everyone is different. Everyone is unique like their rugs, and that's the beauty of it.

    Hugs, Julia


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