Thursday, February 17, 2022


We've all completed our Granny Donaldson projects which was started January 15th.  Denise sent her photo this afternoon and she had a whopping 24 critters to hook plus the people and tree.   Count them, I counted them probably 10 times and would come up often with 23 critters and sometimes 24.  So I wrote 24 and I'm sticking to it, lol.
Below is Betsy's adaptation where she moved around motifs, put the tree off to the side instead of the middle, added a cat and a heart.  Love it Betsy.
Elaine finished her version of a Granny Cow blanket a couple days ago and she drew hers free hand by looking at the photo on her tablet.
Kim chose to hook Karen Kahle's adaptation of a Granny cow blanket called Simple Gifts.
Below is Lauren's completed Granny rug and she enjoyed this more than the textile challenge we had last year, eh Lauren 😁
Sheila drew her own stylized version of a Granny design also, you rock gals.
And finally mine; the only creative thing I did to mine was change the camel to a horse and I still like Denise's horse better.
So there you have a grande finale show of rugs we've been working on during the hook-along.  So this door is officially closed and it was a fun project.

Rain to begin this afternoon and the March winds have arrived with a vengeance.  I already have a yard full of tree tops to clean up and may end up with some more before the end of tomorrow.  

I saw a tree which was hollowed out at the bottom and pray it doesn't fall across the driveway onto my house.  Am going to call and have it removed but suspect all tree companies are still cleaning up jobs from the two previous snow storms we had.

Happy Hooking and watch for tomorrow afternoon's blog post.



  1. Thay are wonderful. Love to the difference in how each was hooked. Variety is the spice of life!❤️❤️❤️❤️ What fun. Thank you saundra.

  2. What fun rugs!!! Yours and mine are the most similar IMHO. Even though Denise has the best horse, yours is a close!
    Looking forward to the next hook-along! The suspense is killing me ;-)

  3. WOOHOO for all those who participated. Love them all! Guess we will find out soon the next theme. Janice

  4. Glory be...keeping the next hook along under wraps must be pure torture for you. I'll entertain bets that you won't be able to wait to do the every-other-day posting schedule and we'll see you posting about it tomorrow?? All the Granny D rugs turned out wonderfully...each and every one beautiful in their own unique way. That was a quick turn-around...just a smidgeon over a month. I don't think I could keep up with you all. BTW...I went to a hooking get-together today and someone who reads our blogs commented on how she has been following along and really loved the rugs. ... (Hi Mel!)) ~Robin~

  5. Wow!!! Everyone's rug are amazing and all so unique, yet similar. So many creative thoughts put into these fun rugs. That's the beauty of it. You all did great jobs and I look forward to follow the next hook along challenge.

    Thanks for the sharing of your talents.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Wow Wow Wow!!!! Just wonderful, amazing work! you all should be so proud of this challenge. thank you for posting. I had to click on each one to get a nice look at each. again wonderful

  7. What a nice job you do!! I really loved getting to see all of the rugs in one place. This was such a fun thing to do. I really enjoyed it. My first ever hook along.
    I can't wait to see our next project. We didn't have limbs fall off of trees, but we would have acres of tumbleweeds. Some of them would be as big as cars. I know how hard and how much work it is to clean up after a storm. Be careful out there. I hope the tree company can get to you sooner than later.

  8. These are great all together!!!love them all,!!
    Wow,,,Hope to sew🏗mine back today,,,and try and work on some older projects I haven't finished!!!
    Thanks for starting this ,Saundra,,,,
    A lovely cold sunny day ,,after rain and then snow🏜⛪last night!!
    What crazy weather!!!

  9. Everyone make some really nice rugs! It was very interesting to see all the variations on the same theme.


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