Friday, February 25, 2022

DANCE PARTY, Rabbit Style

Oh my but Chris put a huge smile on my face with her rendition of Dancing Rabbits and her words of ..."1, 2, cha, cha, cha.
I also chose to draw that design with border but didn't include the birds in mine.  Might regret not doing that after I see hers finished.

Kim (My Field of Dreams) has hooked all three of her rabbits too and appears she will have a little movement in the background.  Can't wait to see what colors she chooses for grass and sky.
Believe it or not Nancy didn't start hooking until 2 pm today and worked her hands into a frenzy before stopping to send me a photo at 5:05 pm.  WHEW Nancy you accomplished a lot in that short time and bet your hands are still smokin'.  Love the addition of the hearts so you can use this for Valentines all thru spring and Easter.
It is fun to see these rugs come to life with each persons' personality.  Hope these give all of you ideas for your rugs.  Happy hooking everyone.

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  1. These are all so wonderful! Love how everyone is choosing different colors and styles and adding things in. Such imagination out there! Janice

  2. Everyone's rug are so special. Those rabbits are having too much fun. I can almost hear the music too. I love the beady eyes and the pink noses and the hearts. So much creativity in a simple pattern.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Fun fun fun! Great rugs all! I love watching these evolve!

  4. What a fun rug! I did think about joining, but I have zero rug hooking equipment or wool. No worries, I have plenty of other hobbies that soak up my time and take as much money as I allow them to, so I'll cheer you all on.

  5. Wow!! I love seeing the different ideas and colors and I really love the movement coming into the rugs.

  6. It's somewhat unbelievable to see how a simple design of 3 rabbits can take on so much personality! I love each and every one of them!!! And the wonderful wools in them all!! But, seriously, Nancy hooked that all in 3 hours??? Yikes! I didn't hook that much in 3 days! I call overachiever LOL. Happy Saturday!! ~Robin~

  7. Each so different but each so sweet ;-)
    Nancy gets the speed hooker award!

  8. LOL !!! Love Robin's & Lauren's comments ! I was just So anxious to get those bunnies hooked !!! My grand kids are all here Saturday & there won't be any time to hook .Even they Love the Bunnies !!! They can't wait to see more hooked & have all sorts of suggestions !!!!

  9. Love ,love all the bunny mats!!
    So much fun,,,,and making them their own!!!
    Great to follow along,,,,


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