Tuesday, May 31, 2022

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Remember that song by Mick Jagger?  Well I can't get no satisfaction with either of my on-going rug projects.  Thought I'd temporarily put Mary Comstock away and pull out Mother with Fishbowl.  But after looking and thinking about that idea decided to roll it up and put it back in the bag.

Hooking on Comstock has been  s  l  o  w  going with numerous pausing between loops because there's no passion on it either.  Don't think I've felt like this for any rug other than the hit and miss geometric and likewise the wool yarn Strawberry Patch rugs.  Eventually they were finished but put away for years at a time.

This is what Mary Comstock looks like now, and the wool at the top shows up more red and mild than in person.
What to do when you're not having fun?  Since there are two rugs already available there's no way I want to think about drawing out something else.  SO, perhaps my time would be better spent sewing labels on several of my last hooked rugs and finish binding the Monochromatic Floral.

Today's temperature on my outside thermostat reached 99*F so guess it is officially summer and tomorrow is halfway into the year beginning June 1st.  Sheesh but time does go by fast.  The humidity was high so only worked outside for a little in the morning and was inside by just after 11 a.m.

Enjoy your garden's rewards and will be envious of all those sweet red ripe tomatoes.  I used to grow them when living in different areas and the soil was better.

Happy hooking and hope I find mine again soon.



  1. Well crap... I came back here to add a "PS" and my comment is completely non-existant. What? It wasn't enough that they stripped me of my identity? Now they have ghost my comments??? Anyways I said something to the effect that now you know why I also stitch...and read...and play with paper..and dig in the dirt. If it were me, I'd likely start an entirely new project.... but that's why you "guys" call me et. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow) (And my PS was going to be "You do know you are dating yourself with that song, right??) 🤣

  2. First - you cruel cruel woman! Now that song is stuck in my head! Next, don't know if it will help, but have you tried turning your work upside down and working it from that direction (the bottom)? It's kinda an oooold art trick I learned back when wheels were square and dust was new 😉

  3. Your rug is looking lovely and I don't know why you are not enjoying working on it but maybe you need to change pace. 99 degree with high humidity, Who can hook in that heat?

    We had a low of 3 degree Celsius during the night, or 37.7 F. I've been busy planting and weeding and that's what I'll be doing for the rest of the day. Oh my poor back. It's only supposed to get to 19 C. or 66.2 today so no heat wave today.

  4. I think you need to hook a small little fun matt to get your MoJo back .....
    The humidity & heat have been too much for me & has those Mosquitoes & Black Flies attacking me when I'm outside . Then there is all the pollen , we have clouds of it float thru our yard ! It is disgusting ! Today was cool & comfortable ....the temperature is different every day. Just crazy !
    I am looking forward to the local farm stands opening up , hope this weather won't affect the tomatoes !

  5. Happy June! we are so chilly we have the fireplace going lol. I am sorry you are not enjoying your second rug. I just need to sit down and just pull some loops.

  6. Bet UR Glad u have air conditioning,,,,,
    We don't have it here!!!was hot and Humid here for 2 days this week and hate it,,,Today is 30 degrees cooler ,, so nice!!!much better at 60,degrees,,,,
    Gosh,,,start something else,,,!! It's looking good though,,,


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