Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New On The Frame

Mr. Cotton Tail still isn't totally bound as I always drag my feet when it comes to binding.  Besides, it isn't Easter yet, and for that matter doesn't really feel like spring either so it will be ready for those events when they happen.

After Cotton Tail was hooked, was definitely ready with two designs ready to go on my frame to not be a frenzied hot mess wanting something to hook.  So I chose the smallest size design, but the biggest in importance.  This will be a tall rectangular vessel to hold my Shadow girl's ashes. 
My two previous Rotties (Shumba and Panzer) each had a special box made by a local artisan and each painted with a profile of the dogs.  Unfortunately after Shadow passed, that artisan was not around to make a box for her.  So finally, mom has gotten around to take care of her girl.  Each time I'd walk by her ashes I'd think about her unsettling. 

The textured background wool in the piece above might look familiar as it was also used in part of Shadow's memorial rug (below).  In all honesty it was used only because I'd run out of over dyed wool at camp, started using the texture at camp so continued once getting home.  Shadow was hooked in #8 cut.  She still looks beautiful to me using 'as is' textured or over dyed special wool for a special girl.  Miss you Shadow girl.
This will be an easy, comfortable and wonderful hooking project.  There's no getting bored on this one.

Losing a beloved pet is a terrible heartbreak.  I empathize with all of you and your loss.  As much as I miss Shadow wondered why I'd put myself thru it again by adopting my boy Ben.  That heartbreak will happen again but he gives me such joy every day and he makes me smile.....sometimes laugh out loud.

Hope you have a great evening.




  1. Saundra, my heart tightened when I saw your pattern, I just had such a hard time getting used to loosing each and everyone of my pets, dogs and cats.
    I cried so much and sobbed like a lost soul.

    I refuse to get attached to another pet. Maybe it was because of menopause but I really had a hard time. I always say never say never but I'm still not ready.

    Your pattern is simple and beautiful.

    Big hugs,

  2. Still love that beautiful hooked rug of Shadow. I'm glad you showed it again ;)

  3. Love the rug of shadow and nice to work on a rug for fun without any stress. I felt the same way when i lost my guy and now I have Bean and I am a worry wart with him, lol.


  4. This is sweet. I love that piece. I miss my Millie everyday but I think I'm ready for a new buddy soon. I have her tiny box of ashes and I will bury her in the spring

  5. Awesome rug!!!!!! That is a true piece of art!


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