Sunday, March 22, 2015

Small Pieces are Wunnerful

While I've never hooked a room size rug, I have hooked somewhat larger pieces than the ones you've seen me post of late.  But it is great to do a small mat sometimes.  What makes it best is when time comes to bind the dang thing as it is a small 'thang' to bind.  This 14 x 14 guy is done and I'm in the process of binding it now.  Finished picture coming later.
And the Magdalena crow I showed you the other day is already on my sofa table.  So there's something great to say for small pieces.

Since I'm busy binding Mr. Cotton Tail tonight will show you the finished piece later AND tomorrow I plan to work on my son's rug before moving on to 'the next rug on my frame". 

Hope everyone has a great evening and all have signs of SPRING in their yards and hearts.



  1. I do enjoy making smaller ones now, the large ones take months and I get impatient.


  2. Great bunny! I like the smaller pieces too. Not as much chance I'll lose interest half way through

  3. When I get back to hooking I'll probably do my normal thing...hooking a large one on one frame and small ones on another...your Mr Cotton is wonderful!

  4. You've been so productive that it's hard to keep up with all your projects.

    I'm still dragging my heels on my grandfather rug.
    I'm not happy with the way my wool turned out for this project....I was too hasty when I dyed the wool and it had been so long since I had dyed that I forgot who to get it evenly dyed.... I zig when I should have zagged but it was a learning experience.

    Looking forward to seeing the bunny finished.

  5. So what's next? I can't stand the suspense!!!
    Hugs :)


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