Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Challenge Rug, Wool and Selvage Edges

Today a reader wrote to ask what wool I was using for the brown border (yesterday's blog post) as she was looking for a brown for her background.  Below is an updated photo of the Challenge rug with that brown border.
This is the wool used in the border along with brown worms.  The wool on the left is what is used most and hooks up darker than shown in the photo.  The wool on the far right is used only sparingly just to add a little variance and movement.  She liked the middle wool and asked if it was still available.  I don't sell wool and frankly am not sure where or when I acquired it.  So if anyone one reading knows where it can be purchased, let me know and I'll pass on the information to her.
For years I unfortunately threw away my wool selvages.  Then one day realized they could be used for hooking....DUH!  So here is what I've collected so far.  But there are still lots of selvages on numerous yardage of wool in my house.
My plan this winter is to hook an oval hit and miss rug using the selvages.  Most definitely I'm not ready to start that yet since there is still the UFO Sheep rug, the Out of Hand Rughookers Challenge Rug just shown, plus the rug that will be started at rug camp beginning Monday.

So if any of you are interested in gathering your selvages to do a rug hook-a-long, start collecting now.  I think I'd like to make mine oval so it (hopefully) will resemble a thick braided rug, albeit hit and miss.  This would be a project that I could work on as my selvages increased and in-between fun hooking projects during the winter.  It wouldn't require color planning, no extra buying of wool, just using up which would be thrown away otherwise.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. I know Dorr has wool like that, it is a common combination with different variations in shades at most wool stores.


  2. Great progress on your challenge rug!
    Oh, I don't think I will have anywhere near enough selvedges to hook a rug :(
    Hugs :)


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