Friday, November 6, 2015

Rufus and Friday Wine Tasting

On Fridays several of us friends gather at the local liquor store for wine tasting.  We get to catch up on each other and test new and different wines for less than an hour.  It is always fun and they have come to expect the 'local hooker' to bring something for show and tell.

Tonight I decided to take a rug they had never seen before as there's nothing much progressed on any of the UFOs.  So I took RUFUS, a design by Bev Conway which was hooked in her 2006 Cape May class.
Much to my surprise the owner of the liquor store picked it up, inspected it, hugged it and asked what it would sell for.  I told him it wasn't for sale.  Again, he persisted asking what it would sell for IF it was for sale.  To that my comment was...."it is bigger than the last rug you purchased so it would cost more".  Then I added...."I'm getting ready for rug camp and if you really are interested in purchasing the rug contact me later."  With that he took a picture of it.

Am not holding my breath and not dependent on a sale of a rug.  BUT... how many rugs must I keep?  Believe me when I say there are many here to give duplicates to my relatives and still have hanging on my walls or on the floor....OR, the ones I switch during holidays for the harvest table.  So a sale would give me more cash flow for rug camps and more wool to feed my addiction.

Have a great evening everyone.  I'm in the calm before the storm ~ tomorrow is when all the S**t hits the fan, the van gets loaded and leave for camp on Sunday morning.  



  1. A hooker hanging out selling her wares in a liquor store.......priceless! LOL

  2. I say take his money and run. Hope you have fun at camp.

  3. I would say sell it, if he loves it that much.
    I always like selling when I know the person loves the rug as much as I do.


  4. there must be a joke in there some where a hooker walks into a liquor store:) If you get the money I say sell. Lucky you another camp

  5. I'd sell it too...since it would be going to a loving home...but I get tired of things quickly and would sell most any rug I've hooked...

    another rug camp...have fun for all of us stuck at home

  6. I hook for myself, but there is going to come a time when I have way too many rugs & I still want to hook! It would be difficult to sell a favorite rug you have hooked at a camp, I don't know, the price would have to be right!!

  7. Oh I love that one. Better selling your rugs in a liquor store than at a brothel. hahaha... Hope the rug sells, you can always make another one for yourself.
    Have fun at camp.

  8. Kim and Julia, you are two peas in a pod and fun gals.


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