Saturday, November 7, 2015

'Twas The Night Before.......

...yup, have mentioned before that going to rug camp is like waiting for Santa.  

Just pulled a few more loops on my Out of Hand Challenge rug and need to put it away.  Want to pack it up to work on before the teacher gets to me on my next rug.   Wanted to get the stepping stones hooked and while waiting for the teacher have several hooking options (the dog, grass, border).
This camp is in Ocean City, MD and we will stay at The Dunes Hotel where all the rooms are facing the ocean.  That would be the magnificent big structure to the right.
Below is a view of what I'll see from the sleeping room as well as the classroom in the afternoon.  There are rockers on the deck for hooking pleasure during warm balmy evenings.  But probably not this weekend.
Teachers this year are:  Terri Schaefer, Sibyl Osicka and Lisanne Miller. Lisanne is a primitive teacher and my choice.  I've never had a class with her before but my gal pal Evelyn Lawrence has.  Am looking forward to the class and seeing all the folks who frequent the same hooking circles.

I'll have my iPad with me at camp, check in and hope to take time to do some blog hopping.  However, it always feels like I've lost so much time away from on-line friends once returning home.  

See ya later, 



  1. Your rug is looking wonderful. That looks like a nice place to stay. Would like to find something with a nice view, balcony and dog friendly, as well as a kitchen, not easy to find;) Too cold for camping and most places are closed now.


  2. You will be done in no time. Looks great!!!
    Safe travels. Have a blast.
    Hugs :)

  3. Have fun, it looks like an awesome spot. Your challenge rug is looking great. I hooked a lot today - my favourite kind of day

  4. You got a lot done on your challenge rug and I love the way you did the border. I'm a bit envious of you but happy that you get to go away like this and have fun with the girls.

    I dyed some wool yarn yesterday as I couldn't find any dark green in the store so I'll be whipping edges this afternoon with my footy up.

    Don't forget to take pictures while you're having all that fun...

  5. Hope you are having a lovely time. Look forward to seeing what you get done.


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