Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Okay, You've Waited Long Enough

I know you've all been waiting with bated breath (sure ya have, lol) to see what my camp project looks like.  Okay, it's time for the big reveal. BUT, be forewarned it isn't anywhere near done.  The design A Day in the Country (by Mad Hen Prims) measures 26 x 35 and I've been busy since being home from camp less than a week ago.  
This is what little I'd accomplished since Wednesday (the throw down day). Hey, it was fun chatting with pals and usually I look at my communicator when talking.  Now that I'm looking at this piece notice my choice of roof wool might not work.  Yeah, I chose a different wool for the roof than was part of the kit but maybe I should re-think that....ya think?
For tonight I'll hook a bit more on this but tomorrow will put this aside and work more on my Out Of Hand Challenge rug since there is a deadline for that.  

Have a great evening and can you believe Thanksgiving and Christmas is so CLOSE??  I can't grasp it has been a year since but the weather will soon be a reminder.  And Kim..... you can keep that "S" stuff.



  1. That is a happy rug.
    I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving either. WTH??? And Kim can have the white stuff all to herself.
    Hugs :)

  2. Oh you and Lauren are so sweet. I'm sorry but I insist on sharing. Snow for everyone!!

  3. Love that rug and the design and yes, the roof is too close in color, but I know you will make it just right with a new choice.


  4. This looks like a fun rug Saundra. Are you changing the flower design on the lower right? You actually got a lot done on this large rug.

    Kim is generous but she can keep the snow. I don't need any until Christmas Eve.

  5. What a fun rug design - I don't think I've ever seen this one before. If you do a small outline around the roof in a lighter color I think it will work just fine! You actually got a lot done already!

    I'll take any snow that you don't want - I love the stuff!


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