Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ready for a Giveaway?

Now that is a stupid question isn't it?  Even I know that; of course you are ready for a giveaway just as all of us are.

There will be one giveaway, the pattern below drawn on natural primitive linen which I designed and hooked.  It is small at 10.5" x 12". And if you wanted, you could hook just the Christmas balls, cut out, back with wool, apply yarn or ribbon as a loop and use for a tree ornament ~ your choice.
Leave a message on this post that you'd like to participate in the giveaway and a name will be randomly drawn Sunday afternoon.  There is a caveat..... I must be able to reply to your message and not have it be a NO-REPLY BLOGGER.  I will not be a detective to find out your email address so only those who I can reply to will have the opportunity to win.  If you are unsure if you are one of those NO-REPLY bloggers do a google search on the subject. 

Today the weather/weather change is giving my arthritic hands a fit.  It is 68 degrees, raining, humid and tomorrow will be in the 50s. Strangely, the hand used for hooking hurts less than the wool guiding hand.  So perhaps there really is something to exercise helping arthritis.

Since my hands hurt I set aside the camp rug since the wool was thick. Instead put the Out of Hand Challenge rug back on the frame.  The softer wool is better on the hands.

Yippee, I have an additional 'follower'.  It is always fun when someone thinks your blog is good enough to join in on the fun.  Thanks all and have a great evening.



  1. Waiting for the snow here in WI, and secretly wishing it wouldn't come quite yet...

  2. I hope your arthritic pain goes away. Cold damp weather is hard on arthritic joints. I've been taking Fish oil and the swelling in my joints on the left hand has gone down. it's not a quick fix but it helps.
    Congratulations on your new follower. I got a new one too.
    There hasn't been many give away lately. I think your little Christmas rug is cute.


  3. Cute pattern! Pick me ;) Hope your hands feel better. This cold damp weather is a killer

  4. I didn't get a new follower :(
    Sweet little mat, but I have WAAAAAYYY too many rugs waiting to be hooked. Let someone who will hook the rug in a timely manner win. So very generous of you.
    The weather is changing here in Ohio. It has been gorgeous. Someone mentioned last year at this time we had a couple inches of snow on the ground. UGH!
    Hope your hands are feeling better.
    Hugs :)

  5. Please enter me in for the cute mat. Are you going to show us your progress on the challenge rug?

  6. I would love to hook this little rug! I am new to this, but it was my grandmother's vocation. LOVE this art form and love your Christmas pattern.


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