Monday, November 23, 2015

Out of Hand Challenge Rug Finish

At least I think I'm finished with it, other than the binding of course. The one brown foot on the dog to the right is still questionable.  The brown foot of the other dog was replaced and thought I'd keep this one but time will tell.  Since it won't be under the binding tape could always opt to change it out at a later date.
Oh dear, it does still bother me.  Anyway, the above picture was taken with a flash.  And the one below is without a flash.  If you tap on the photos they will enlarge for a closer view.
Yesterday I steamed the rug and let it rest overnight.  Today I marked the foundation 1" beyond the last row of hooking, sewed two rows of straight stitch and then a row of zig zag connecting the straight rows of stitching.  This is to ensure the foundation doesn't unravel with use even under the cotton binding tape.
On occasion people will write asking if I know of a cutter for sale.  It still maybe there or not but did see this Fraser being offered for sale on a blog: 

Have a great evening everyone.  



  1. Your rug looks very nice but I would like the dog better without the brown paw I think. I was looking at the picture close up and love that wool you used on dog and the heart. A good job done.

    It turned cold and windy tonight. All our snow melted this morning . A rug on the lap would keep me warm.

    I haven't hooked on my Christmas Ornament yet so this will give an advantage to Kim, lol. I still want to finish my silly rug first.
    Stay warm.

  2. Love your rug Saundra!! I bet you change the foot! Lol!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Now you're ahead of me. Haven't looked at the rug since yesterday or the day before. Not a lot of free time right now. Family is coming in tomorrow. At least I'm not working Wednesday.
    YOU WIN!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. I think in a small space like that, it is harder to do animal markings so they look off. I always like a little odd bit on my rugs, gives it a bit of whimsey. Love the rug though and your wool choices.


  5. Loved the mud on both puppies paws as they had a fun day playing like my Lab, Abby. Future idea for one of my rugs ! And thanks for mentioning this great cutter with all the blades that I'm selling . Always sad when a guild member must give up her home due to illness. All her wool is coming with this cutter too.
    Best regards,
    Carol at ticklepie


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