Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November Workshop at The Dunes

A few years ago the planners added a flea market day after class so people could sell their wares.  This year I just might try to sell some of my Christmas items left from retiring doing shows.  Took a few things to Cape May which were Halloween related and many sold so maybe I can clear out some of my inventory next week.

Here are a few of the items I'm taking.  Actually only the two carolers  on the left as the curly top sold.
The two hand painted santas are 12" tall and were made with canvas, stuffed and hand painted by me.
There is also Dapper Dan who can hang as a wall decoration or sit. Snowflake is a companion piece but no photo. 
I have two larger hanging Angels in white one with quilt wings and another with primitive branch wings.  Thought I had a picture but don't.

There is this Stone Angel I made and was sure it would sell as a wonderful centerpiece for a Holiday Dinner.  But she didn't sell before quitting shows.
Holiday Hannah, below, is one I'm considering keeping even tho she was in my stock to sell. I've always liked this primitive and whimsical doll.  BTW, that feather tree is one I made twisting those goose feathers.  Still have it and won't be for sale.  The white base was from my grandfather's front porch, the base or top of one of the round columns before the house was torn down. 
Anyway, back to work tomorrow cleaning and getting ready for camp. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something more interesting for hookers to read about.  So if you have any questions please write me.

Have a good evening.


  1. You are a multi talented lady. I hope you can sell some of your left over Christmas show figures. A little extra cash doesn't hurt.

    The carollers are so cute. There's so much work going into making craft but it's lot of fun to make them anyway. I used to sew dolls years ago before I got into Ceramics full time


  2. Great idea to take them with you, and it helps with costs for the trip. I used to have patterns for the painted santa, got rid of all my old craft magazines since they were musty and i can get the hard copies at the library now.


  3. I am sure you will sell them all.

  4. Well, you are a multi-talented gal. Love them all (except Dapper Dan looks suspiciously like a clown)


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