Thursday, November 5, 2015

How About a Rug Show?

It has been a while since I've posted antique rugs and think it's about time.  Perhaps many of you aren't as enchanted with antique rugs like me, so please indulge me as I look at the works of our fore-mothers and fathers.

Can't remember which auction site I saw this but according to the information provided it sold for $18,500.  Holy moly, it is a wonderful antique, but I have trouble selling some of mine for $400.
The cabin, horse and rider rug below has a flashback for some reason. Hooked cabins are really cool I think.
What does the Fox Say????????  Have you ever watched that uTube video?  It rocks!!!!!!!
Cute hooked rug of a girl shopping in a general store.  As cute as it is and as much as I like it wouldn't hook it for sure as it would require a smaller cut than my prefered #8.5, lol.
Below is an antique rug which the auction site said was "Blanford Cross".  So that is what I attempted to hook except the person who hooked this one knew about making sharp corners.
And this was my attempt but on a smaller scale.
Am guessing the Hexagons and Diamonds rug is considered a geometric and wouldn't be my cup of tea either.  No more geometrics for me.  
This is a large early shirred rug and the woman went to a lot of trouble to do such a detailed edge.  Would loved to have seen this in person to check out the back and edge work.  Not that I'd want to hook it mind you, but to appreciate the work of the woman before me.
Here are two lion rugs which haven't been posted here before (don't think).  Very primitive lion and with a bird on it's back yet.  Rugs like this make me want to know the person who hooked it... a lion and bird? Guess this was her/his peaceable kingdom.
Recently found this lion somewhere on the internet and love the blotchy primitive background.  Look at those purple feet, Barb wold love those!!!!  Hmmm, maybe I'll draw this and take it to Barb's next May.
Okay kiddies, it's getting to the count down of rug camp but still more crapola to do here and still not done with inside house chores.  What is making matters worse is that this week and even tomorrow the temperatures are in the upper 70's.  I hear Canadians are enjoying this same balmy weather.  

So what the heck am I supposed to pack to wear next week since the temperature is changing on Sunday?  Temps are to go from 70's to 50's. So will wait until late on Saturday to pack my suitcase.   

Hope all in the warm weather zone are enjoying the lesser heat costs.



  1. Thanks for the rug show.
    We've had gorgeous weather on Ohio's north coast. Tomorrow the change begins...ugh!
    Hugs :)

  2. Wonderful rugs, I still think the older designs are timeless and fun to redo.


  3. Gorgeous inspiration !
    The fox rug is amazing.
    Loving this lovely warm weather here in Pennsylvania !

  4. Thanks for the rug show Saundra. I love the first two rugs the best. I just love sceneries I guess.

    We're having warm temperatures but a damp and dreary day with fog even.

    I'm whipping and binding unfinished rugs.

    Enjoy your balmy weather.


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