Saturday, November 14, 2015

Finally a Post Camp Post

As promised I took pictures at camp and even managed to squeak in a mini-post while there (scroll down to see that one). Here are a few pics of students.

This angle is across the room toward the other class which was being taught by Terri Schaefer.  Terri was teaching both braiding an edge to a rug as well as for those wanting to learn to hook.  Terri was a more primitive hooker which is my fav.
In the sweater vest is my teacher Lisanne Miller (P is for Primitive.)   She is working with my tablemate Renia, who is a sweetie and we had a great time together those few days.  And I asked Renia's opinion on a couple areas I hooked on the rug and liked her input so made a couple changes in color of wool.  Renia lacks self-confidence in her hooking but knows more than she gives herself credit for.  
Now you can see the frontal view of Renia and across the room the teacher who is helping Elissa and Lynne listening to absorb some of the lecture too.  Uh, Lisanne's hands on hips is NOT an aggressive posture by the way.....she is a very easy-go-lucky woman and great teacher.
Peg is busily hooking away on her house.
I tried to capture a frontal photo of both my friend Shari (in the dark top) and Terri.  But by the time my camera was on and snapped the picture Terri was leaving.  
Again tried to capture a picture of Terri showing Shari how to do the binding around her previously hooked rug.  It happens to be the Out of Hand Challenge design Shari drew.
Here are some of the examples of works by our teachers....beginning with Lisanne's rugs.  I like this primitive American design and Lisanne used some paisley in this piece.
Below are four quadrants of one rug that Lisanne hooked.  Each square was so special that I had to take a picture of each square.  As you are looking at them notice the 'puzzle piece' way she taught us to hook a background.  
As cameras or flash often does, the colors change in the photo. When you looked at the rug in person all you saw was a primitive dark/black background.  Yet hooked in Lisanne's 'puzzle piece' background it all blended together nicely.
 I love the primitive gold border...her border hooking technique is yet another lesson we learned.
 And the fourth section.  Wish I'd had a foot stool to stand on to take a picture of the complete rug as it was a beauty.  
Oh my but do I love this design.  How cool is that the wishbone hovers over the turkey?  Plus it is an American tradition for not only pulling the wishbone of foul but also turkey for Thanksgiving, which also happens to be the name of the design.
The design below, hooked by Lisanne was also an example and learning experience.  She was a great teacher, fun, ornery (my kinda woman), and full of information.  For sure she is on my 'wanna class again' list and if you are interested in taking a class with Lisanne, click on the link posted above.
Here are a few of Terri's small pieces for sale.  I just LOVE that character on the far left with the 'glam' glasses.  Also shows a few of her chair pad patterns which have braided edges to show how it looks.
This is a close up of that cool looking character.  There is a fancy pin in the hooked hat and jewels sewn to the corner of the 'cat eye' glasses.

Both my friend Shari and I purchased the chair pad kit with the crows shown on the left in the picture below.  She purchased hers first and then figured if I didn't get one I'd be jealous when she showed me her progress on hers.  Hey, girls will be girls.
 The mustachioed Pumpkin character is sorta cool too, eh?
Another of Terri's hooked and braided rugs.
And another but didn't get pictures of all her samples as time was short when the room was empty and easy movment around to get photos.
Okay, there's more photos to share but by now you're on sensory overload and I'll save more for later.  There is still the impromptu rug show as well as the 'throw down' of camp rugs.  So stay tuned.

Have a great weekend.



  1. I am putting a hooking retreat on my bucket list.

  2. Everyone looks so serious while working away. Hardly a naughty one in the bunch, heh?

    I think everyone in bloggerland is toned down today because of what happened in Paris. It has put a damper on the weekend.

    Thanks for posting all the great rugs and beautiful photos of your hooking camp.


  3. Looks like fun. Thx for sharing. Lisanne has purchased Caraway Rug School from Eric. Will be interesting to see what she does with it.

  4. Looks like it was a great class and everyone is busy working on some beautiful rugs.


  5. So much eye candy!!!
    Looking forward to more.
    Hugs :)

  6. I'm drooling! That looks like so much fun. I would spend all day just looking at everyone's rugs

  7. Saundra,
    Thanks for all the wonderful eye-candy and another teacher to add to my list of possibles.
    Your photos look great, especially when you enlarge them. Whatever you are doing, keep it up.

  8. Hi Saundra, just looking at your blog...the Americana rug with the house and the flag (hooked by Lisanne) is actually a Notforgotten Farm design called "July". It looks like the stars in the background were added later (not in the pattern). Just wanted to give Lori Brechlin credit for a wonderful pattern.


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