Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Rug Show of Sorts

Since I won't have the luxury of seeing the Hutchinson rug display at Sauder or any of the other rugs, thought I'd post  my own rug show. 
In case you didn't know what a Hutchinson rug is, the above is an example of the type of rugs the husband and wife team (Mercedes and James Hutchinson) designed oh so many years ago.
Two floral rugs and the one above uses a very subtle and nice hit and miss border and inside.  Wish all my hit and miss attempts were so lovely.
Below is a half oval door mat with a chain border inside.
The following rug has primitive scrolls inside an oval.  That very black X in the center looks out of place and makes  me wonder if it was repaired at some point.
The little squirrel is rather out of focus, but I wasn't the photographer.
Talk about interesting hit and miss rugs...... I may even have shown this one before.
The rug below has colors I enjoy but is a little too fanciful for my home. Some of you may enjoy it tho.
A must have is a cat for Kelley.  Better yet would be a mama cat and three kittens for Kelley.
Hope all of you are staying cool.  This this is what the weather is like in Seaford now.  Luckily I don't live in Louisiana so should be thanful.  My heart goes out to all those folks.
5 Day Weather Forecast
  • Currently

    RealFeel® 102°
  • Today

    Aug 16

    A p.m. t-storm in spotsHi 97°
    RealFeel 114°
  • Tonight

    Aug 16

    Humid; an evening t-stormLo 79°
    RealFeel 85°
  • Tomorrow

    Aug 17

    A thunderstorm in spotsHi 93°
    RealFeel 103°


  1. You are hot! We've cooled down just a bit and have gotten a little rain but sure do need more.
    Thanks for the rug show.
    Hugs :)

  2. ooh how I'd love to go to Sauder to see the Hutchinson rugs...nice show, especially the cat and kittens as you well know...

  3. Hi Saundra,
    Loved the rug show! I am always so sad to think I lived 30 minutes from Sauder at one time and never knew about rug hooking then!! If I had only known!!! Love that kitty rug too!
    We are still hot here, 106 today, so I feel your pain! Staying inside keeping cool and dreaming of fall!
    Heart Hugs~


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