Sunday, August 14, 2016


But before talking tallowberries ....want to show you what my thermostat indicated the outside temperature was before 7 a.m. yesterday. The windows were so fogged up due to humidity and heat that vision thru the windows was not possible.  Obviously it got hotter as the day progressed.  
And here it was this morning.
And Ben's backyard needs cutting and has to be done with a push mower.  Hope this heat ends soon.

Okay, so now to the topic.....Wonder what  tallowberries look like? I didn't know for sure so decided to check out the internet to make a proper choice for wool.  They are mostly white with a speck of brown. These are dried tallowberries.
Now I've a decision to make as to which wool or more than one I'll use for my tallowberries.  In a previous post I showed you a dye project learned from teacher Eric Sandberg called Birch Bark.  That wold be the second piece of wool and the second downward tallowberry hooked.
The top tallowberry is an 'as is' piece of wool but can't remember where it was purchased.  The bottom tallowberry is hooked using the textured piece of wool at the bottom and not sure from whom that was purchased either, sorry.  Have had both pieces of wool for a while.

In a way was hoping the overdye Birch Bark would work but am now thinking the top textured wool is the winner.  It is softer, not so bright and has that brown speck.  If you tap on the photo you can see them better.

Yeah I know....didn't finish hooking the turkey tail either even after showing my thoughts as to what to use.  Since there is so much background (boring) figured there should be something interesting left to hook later and keep my audience (if there is still any this summer) coming back to visit.

Stay cool if you can.  Ben's backyard definitely needs to be cut today and will do that after breakfast.  

My boy Ben is no dummy.  Actually he may be smarter than me (DUH). Yesterday around 4:30 p.m. took him out for his normal afternoon walk and he stood on the porch like a statue ~ thought to himself 'nope, too damn hot'  ~ and then turned around and wanted back in the A/C.  

Happy scorching Sunday to you all.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    Love Tallowberries and your wool choices look perfect! I hear or should I say feel you regarding the heat!! We have had triple digits for so long and humidity to boot with monsoon season!! Our grand dog Charlotte is just like Ben in the afternoon here!! She loves her walks at 6 am when it is still cooler in the 80's here but loves to stretch out on the tile floor with the AC! She is one smart pup!
    Hope it cools off for you soon!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. Saundra this rug is the speckles in the body, the's perfect...the tallowberries look good in both wools...yep, Ben is one smart cookie...

  3. It is so hot here so unusual for us usually it cools off at night not lately. Last night it did but by 9 am it was 80 with 80% humidity. Husband finally installed a small air conditioner in our living room.
    I could not see your tallow berry picture.


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